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Feb 2, 2009 10:07 AM

Jay & Lloyd's Deli (Sheepshead Bay)-- Excellent

I grew up in the Sheepshead Bay area (my mom still lives there), and had always enjoyed Jay & Lloyd's Deli. I've recently started going back to Jay & Lloyd's and am very pleased to report that their deli is excellent! I prefer their corned beef to their pastrami. Corned beef is very moist and fatty (just the way I like it!). Round potato knishes are excellent too. I had their sweet potato fries that come with a delicious dipping sauce. Zucchini pancakes are also great. When my sister and I went to Jay & Lloyd's for take out, we asked for a "taste" of the corned beef and pastrami. The counterman was so nice, he must have given us enough for an entire sandwich. Roast chicken and brisket are also excellent. Both Jay and Lloyd are very nice and check in with everyone to ensure that everyone is happy. The deli is located on Avenue U between East 27 and 28th Streets.

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  1. While I think their food is very good, I'd have to say their customer service is what really sets them apart. I agree with you 100%. They are very nice people and make eating there a very enjoyable experience. :-}

    1. I love Jay & Lloyd's as well. Thanks for the tip about the corned beef. I always get the pastrami, which is no slouch of a sandwich, either! Even the complimentary slaw they bring to the tables is very fresh and tasty. A friend recently tried their apple strudel and said it was pretty good--definitely no Andre's Hungarian, but a decent dessert option amid all the delicious savory food.

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        Don't forget the soup-always order the bowl-MUCH bigger than the cup and just a biissel more. All the staff are great! Also try both the vegetarian and regular chopped liver!

      2. Thanks for this report-we were out on an extended walk this weekend when we passed by this place (OK, I took us that way on purpose, around lunch time)-we had the corned beef and pastrami, both very nice, and the slaw is also good. I liked the place, with all the pictures and poems, etc. on the walls and the friendly atmosphere.

        1. We just had our annual Christmas day pastrami sandwich here and it was great. This was our first time there--usually we go to Mill Basin Deli, but after reading about Jay & Lloyds here we wanted to try it. We actually shared one pastrami on rye and one tongue on rye, with a side of kasha varnishkas. Everything was excellent--the meats much more flavorful and moist than Mill Basin (without being fatty.) And the kasha was just like I make it at home---most of the time when we order it , its dry, with more pasta than kasha, but this was as it should be with lots of moist kasha and onions. I think its also slightly less expensive then Mill Basin Deli.

          Plus, as noted the proprietors were really friendly and nice. From now on this will be our go-to deli in Brooklyn.

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            Be careful about Jay & Lloyd's. I wrote the above review before I had a really horrible service/food experience with them this past summer. (I posted about it in July). I've since learned from my mom's neighbors that many of them have also had awful service experiences at Jay & Lloyd's. We haven't been back since.

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              We are regulars at Jay & Lloyd's and ate there on 12/25-was very busy. As usual service, food, and atmosphere were perfect. We had pastrami-lean, moist and flavorful; a delicious kasha knish and split pea soup. Cole slaw and pickles on the table are also a plus! By the way, we also do a weekly take-out order which is always top-notch.

            2. re: jinx

              I went twice earlier this year. The pastrami was great and the next time I had corned beef and it was dry and flavorless.


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                It's not a bad place, but really, the only thing special about Jay & Lloyd's Deli, given that Jewish Delis in general are on a pace towards extinction, is that it exists.