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Feb 2, 2009 10:04 AM

An Abundance of Peppers

I bought a ton of red, yellow, and orange peppers this week. They were on sale for $1.25 a pound. My daughter and I have been eating them raw with lunch so far but i want to save some of them. If I roast them do they freeze well? Other than stuffed peppers can anyone suggest a recipe that I can make that I can also freeze?

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  1. I've frozen roasted peppers before with no issues. Just blanch, roast, and freeze. I also cut mine up before freezing, making it convenient to just thaw what I needed for a particular dish.

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    1. re: JonParker

      I would not suggest blanching the peppers. It does nothing but soften the underlying flesh of the pepper which is not desired. If you roast them properly, you will not need to blanch them.

      With that said, I would suggest roasting them and then freezing them.

    2. No need to roast. I grow peppers every year. When I have an abundance I just slice or dice, put in ziplock bags and freeze. I have also roasted before freezing. No need to blanch first , just char and remove skin like you do chili peppers.

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        They are easier to peel if you roast them, then freeze them, and peel after thawing. I did a case (25 lbs) of Hatch peppers last summer after reading about them on Chowhound. I bagged them in 1 lb. zip lock bags and use them all the time. My kids think I'm nuts, but they don't complain about the results.

      2. i wouldn't suggest freezing but this lasts well. Pepper jelly. roast peppers chop, simmer with simple syrup and pepper flake maybe a little garlic . Or just use a chili paste with garlic. Chill - yummy hot as a dip for potstickers or cold - with cream cheese and anything

        1. Another approach, and a very flavorful one: roast them, then peel & seed them and cut into strips an inch or so wide. Mix with good olive oil and salt & pepper, and place them in a mason jar or similar container. Add more oil to cover and store them in the refrigerator. Should last a couple of months at least, and you can use them in salads, on antipasto plates, or as a side dish, either warmed or at room temperature.

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          1. re: BobB

            This is close to what I do, but I'll even freeze some. Roast, peel and cut and freeze in olive oil. I use the ziplock containers with the screw tops. I also learned from my MIL to add a couple of cloves of sliced garlic to each container along with some dried oregano. I make a bunch whenever I find them on sale and always keep some in the freezer. They freeze great. As a bonus, the left over olive oil makes for a great salad dressing.

          2. I puree them in a blender then freeze them in ice cube trays. I just do them fresh no roasting but you could. I then stor in zip lock bags and when I need some for soup or pasta sauce or what ever I just toss it in.