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Feb 2, 2009 09:42 AM

Relatively inexpensive, fun eats in the Mission - Lolo or Specchio?

Doing dinner with friends and we're trying to figure out a fun spot in the Mission that's not too pricey and that we haven't been to before...Have resos at both Lolo and Specchio...Anyone have a vote as to which is the better choice? Thanks!

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  1. haven't eaten at either of those, but my go-to spot in the mission is Beretta. great drinks, neopolitan pizzas, and risotto.

    1. OK, here's what's funny: the owner of Specchio is the brother-in-law of one of the owners of Lolo. Go to Specchio....

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        chaddict - What a small little city we're in, that is funny! Thanks for the vote!

        sk4sk4 - I love Beretta too! Just want to try somewhere we haven't been. Thanks for responding!

      2. We found Lolo to be pretty boring. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly good either. Seems to be the case a lot around these parts.

        We've never been to Specchio.