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Feb 2, 2009 09:25 AM

Montreal Mission 2009

Going to Montreal in a few weeks.

After a little research and reviews, here is the eating itinerary:

*Europea for lunch

and a few stop off's at Schwartz's and La Banquinesse (sp)?

Will send reviews when the digestion is complete

If anyone has any recommendations from the menu at any of these places, please feel free to suggest.


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  1. Leméac: panko crusted goat cheese appetizer with apple and walnut, pain doré dessert
    Alep: get one of the predetermined menus - I forget what they're named but there are three and each of them include several courses
    La Banquise: Poutine Classique or Poutine Chouxxx

    1. have a dessert at Pop! I enjoyed the litchi granitas. A balanced and surprising end of meal. yum!

      1. At pop! I like the arancini, the brussel sprout salad, and all the tartes that I have tried, along with the pot-de-crème au chocolat...You'll love the service there, they treat their customers so well.

        Are you going to Alep or Petit Alep? I prefer the latter, personally, but both have their good points. Regardless, I love the filet mignion with spicy sauce (I can't remember what they call it on the menu) and also as an appetizer the Muhammara dip...amazing flavours.

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          i want to go to petit alep, but they do not take reservations so we opted for alep. i heard both are good, same kitchen, just different experience, but i am looking forward to trying the set menu there. looking forward to alep very much!

          1. re: rafer madness

            For what it's worth you can order from the Alep menu when you are at Petit Alep. (But not the other way around.)

          2. re: Keramel

            Ummm that beef terbyali is just so good. Just spicy enough and that rice to soak the remaining sauce. I need to go there pretty soon.