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Feb 2, 2009 09:24 AM

Grocery store?

I recently moved into a condo at Lakeshore/Bathurst and the closest grocery store (10 min walking distance) is Metro. Does anyone live in the area or know of better and cheap grocers in the area?

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  1. a sobeys is coming soon to spadina/bremner area. It doesn't help you now but it'll be open in the spring. In the meantime I think the Metro is the closest. If you take the streetcar you can hit the sobeys at queen's quay terminal.

    There's a fresh and wild at spadina/king but i find it's hit and miss with their produce.

    1. Longo's is on its way to Maple Leaf Square/ACC but that won't be soon.

      Otherwise you're stuck with Healthy Butcher, Thuet, Kitchen Table and Rabba.

      Best bet is the Loblaws at Jarvis & Queen's Quay. Definitely not walking distance though but it is cheaper and far better than Metro.

      The area is horribly underserved by food stores of all stripe. I'm hoping that more services will come in that aren't just doggie day care.

      1. You could go to Chinatown and /or Kensington for a serious shop. If I lived in that area I would set aside two or three hours a week., or journey through at the end of a work day.