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Feb 2, 2009 08:51 AM

Commander's Palace - Best Appetizer / Entrees

What would you suggest? Tom Fitzmorris says it's the rack of lamb, and other suggestions ?

I'm going in a few nights and can't decide what I'll get (and probably won't till I hear the specials)

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  1. My favorite appetizer and sometimes a double order becomes my entree is the Shrimp Henican. I also like the soup three ways...get to taste them all. Love Commander's turtle soup. My favorite desert is back, Praline Parfait. Agree with you that the Entree decision should be made after hearing that night's specials.

    1. The Foie Gras Du Monde is a pretty special appetizer. It's foi gras beignets in a sweet fig sauve, a tasty piece of foie gras, and a sweet foie gras infused chicory coffee shot. very one of a kind, and scrumptious.

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        found a photo of the Foie Gras. chuck has written about its awesomeness on his blog:

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          thnx for making me drool on my keyboard.

      2. Just ate lunch there today. The absinthe/oyster dome is excellent as is the shrimp henican. I had the soup of the day which was duck/wild mushroom. You can't go wrong with their soups. The turtle is excellent as is there gumbo. For entrees, the wife had a fish of the day that was really good. I had cochon in a pastry shell that was excellent. They've got their strawberry shortcake right now. Although I didn't try it today, whatever fresh citrus dessert they have on the menu has always been great, too. Man, commander's is tough to beat for lunch.

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          I posted on here a few months ago about how horrible my experience was at Commanders for dinner. I've been many, many times but this was the first post K. Food, service, you name it was very disappointing. I emailed the GM and go no reply which was equally disappointing.

          That being said, the turtle soup was fantastic as always. EVerything else was just okay. Unless you are dead set on CP's, I would seriously consider other places. And it pains me to say that!!

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            We recently had a sub par (by fine dining standards) dinner at CP. Food was good, service was not so good. However, I have yet to have anything but excellent lunches there. I mean, top-notch food and service. Who knows what happens there when the sun goes down.

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              This has been our experience at CP as well. Terrific for lunch, not so for dinner.

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              we went for reveillion dinner in dec, the food was goodish (didnt blow me away) marred by something really bad, service was very good. management was slow to respond but after a few weeks did eventually fix the problem we had (credit for a sub-par course & pairing that they later yanked from the menu due to poor quality).

              have to say there are much better places. Patois really blew me away, amazing food. stella, august, bayona, etc..

            3. re: N.O.Food

              enjoyed the absinthe oyster dome and the shrimp henican today. the duck and wild mushroom soup was outstanding as well. that's as far as I got after tee many martoonis.
              wish I had taken a vat of that absinthe cream home to bath in...sublime.

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                Haven't been there in years, and never had dinner there, but their lunch was indeed great and inexpensive. Do they still do the 25 cent all-you-can-drink martinis?

              2. Forget the appetizer and entrees at Commanders one thing NOT to be missed; Bread pudding souffle....