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Feb 2, 2009 08:44 AM

Alternative to PX?

A friend's celebrating her 30th birthday this Saturday and has been trying to get a reservation for a small group at PX for several weeks, but time is running out and now needs to find an alternative. (PX won't respond to her repeated emails asking about availability...but perhaps that's a topic for a separate discusson on service. I know they're quirky that way, but not responding at all, even with lead time, is just poor, imho.)

Can any 'hounds recommend something PX-like (classy but fun with great drinks) in the DC or NoVA area? (She really wants somewhere we can get dressed up.) I've thought of PS7, Poste and maybe even Oya, Cafe Atlantico, or Ceiba but am interested in any newer hot spots that might be fun.

Ideally, we need a place that can handle a reservation for 8-10 but with so little time left we may just have to try calling and charming the host into helping us. (Tips for that appreciated too!)


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  1. Well Dc's second best cocktail maker Gina Chersevani of Rasika then Tallula I believe is now at PS7 to help out the chef for a bit. Or at least that is what I last read. So that is where I would head. She was great.

    Oya makes interesting drinks too and the lounge area is pretty spacious and you certainly wouldn't be out of place if you dressed up.

    I also recently went to a very classy bachelorette party at the round robin and we were all dressed up and the bartenders treated us like gold.

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    1. re: ktmoomau

      I 2nd PS7. Their drinks are excellent and I recently got a chance to sample some of Gina's new creations. I walked away impressed and buzzed :)

      You can also try to lounge at CoCo Sala.

      I believe both places with reserve an area of the bar for larger parties.

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        Yeah the only time I was at PS7 there was only a small portion of the bar open because of a private event in the lounge space, so you can definitely reserve.

        I know at the Round Robin they reserved tables for us too.

      1. Out of curiosity, has your friend tried the telephone for reservations? My impression of PX is that they're kind of old school (or rather, want to present that image) and may simply not care to deal with e-mail reservations. If they don't deal well with a reservation request by phone ("sorry, we're full" doesn't count) that would be something that Chowhounds may like to know.

        I wouldn't write them off because they haven't responded to e-mail. You'd be surprised at how many businesses don't, even when they have a "contact us" address on their web site. Don't ask me why.

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        1. re: MikeR

          I've reserved the backroom at PX for birthdays before. You just need to call them up and give a few weeks notice and I think the limit is 10 people, but the backroom at PX can be reserved. Expensive and worth it if you want some of the best cocktails in the area.

          1. re: MikeR

            Actually they are normally very good with email. That is how I have made all of my reservations there.

          2. Actually I have found PX to be very difficult to deal with. We tried to plane a company holiday party there and they could have cared less about working with us on menu, etc. They first told us we could get food from Eve but would not commit to anything as they said it was seasonal (not sure what would change between Nov 15 and Dec15). When we finally got the proposed meu it was fried fish from Eammon's, which is great stuff but not what we wanted or were promised.

            They come across as they are doing a favor to even speak to you.