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Just got a Frida Bev. Hills dinner as a KCRW Premium. Is it good?

Brussels Sprout Feb 2, 2009 08:27 AM

I donated $75 and will sometime in the next 8 weeks get a certificate for a dinner for two (probably around $50, i guess)

I've never been. Can someone tell me what it's like?

I searched the boards and there are mostly good comments.

Anyone been recently?

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  1. avivale RE: Brussels Sprout Feb 2, 2009 08:34 AM

    Frida is wonderful! It's a Mexican restaurant, upscale-- very nice.

    Fruity margaritas... a nice thick tortilla soup... My favorite dish there is the chicken mole. The enchiladas are good too, but I think they would be better with mole sauce than whatever red sauce they actually serve. Once I was in the restaurant and talking to one of their regular patrons who highly recommended their fish dishes.

    What else did you want to know? Enjoy your dinner!

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    1. re: avivale
      Brussels Sprout RE: avivale Feb 2, 2009 09:53 AM

      Will $50 feed two hungry people well? Do you get good chips and Salsa?

      Also, where does one park.

      I'm leery of Beverly Hills being to rich for me!

      1. re: Brussels Sprout
        Dommy RE: Brussels Sprout Feb 2, 2009 10:20 AM

        There is a nice big public lot near Frida... Just be on the look out. Also, the Carnitas are to die for!

        $50 should cover the food... get fancy with the drinks... that is where they get you...



        1. re: Brussels Sprout
          avivale RE: Brussels Sprout Feb 2, 2009 11:51 AM

          The chips are addictive. You get two bowls with different types of salsa. (I think it's two? I remember a red and a green. Sorry, I'm not a salsa connoisseur.)

          Aside from the public parking lot, you can frequently find street parking within a block or two (particularly southwards). Of course that depends when you go.

          1. re: Brussels Sprout
            cant talk...eating RE: Brussels Sprout Feb 3, 2009 08:47 AM

            "I'm leery of Beverly Hills being to rich for me!"

            HA! (just moved from there)
            Pretend you're a tourist like everyone else - you'll blend in fine.
            Or wear sunglasses and a baseball cap and pretend you're a celebrity??

            I've think I've posted this before, but this place serves great Mexican food and stiff drinks at about 20% more than what you'd really feel like paying. I.e., a perfect place to spend a gift certificate! The cochinita pibil tacos are excellent (be careful of the habaneros which are numbing), as are the enchiladas. Parking's actually easy - there's a cheap pay lot a few doors up.

            Good coffee/dessert options nearby, incl. Urth Cafe, on that same block, or Leonidas up at Charleville.

        2. o
          omakase RE: Brussels Sprout Feb 2, 2009 10:38 AM

          Love the Rib Eye soft tacos.

          1. DeePocketChopra RE: Brussels Sprout Feb 2, 2009 01:34 PM

            The first year was delicious! Last two times we've been, not very
            good. Take that premium and get a coupla' great Cadilliac Margaritas,consitantly good,
            and their guac and is good also.

            1. l
              laeditormatthew RE: Brussels Sprout Feb 2, 2009 02:07 PM

              Scroll down to the bottom and read "The Rotten Tomato: Frida Mexican cuisine at the americana" Says it all for me.


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              1. re: laeditormatthew
                avivale RE: laeditormatthew Feb 5, 2009 08:14 PM

                Frida at Americana is vastly inferior compared to Frida in BH. I asked the bartender in the BH branch why that might be, and he thought maybe the food quality suffers because it's a much larger restaurant and they have to handle so much more volume.

              2. a
                abr269 RE: Brussels Sprout Feb 2, 2009 04:16 PM

                i went to Frida's in september and found the food to be very good. had the tortilla soup and i believe a chicken entree (can't remember which, but it came with cactus) my dad had something with steak and a salad. both of us found the food to be excellent, with good portions (not huge but not too small). the guac and the 2 salsas are very yummy - after a while we had to tell them not to bring more chips! always a good sign.

                not my favorite mexican in L.A. but a very satisfying meal all around. i would definitely return and recommend it to friends.

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