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Feb 2, 2009 08:16 AM

Bridal Shower Brunch/Tea in Metro West

I'm looking for somewhere to have a bridal shower for 40 people in the Metro West area, or anywhere between the Waltham, Newton, Watertown area and the Marlborough, Framingham, Sudbury area. We'd love to do afternoon tea or brunch, and we can't really go above $15 per person. Any ideas?

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  1. You can try the Tea Leaf in Waltham, on Moody Street. I kept meaning to try it but still haven't been, so I cannot vouch for its quality and price.

    1. Hi dotcommer,
      Not my comfort zone but I'll take a stab at it.
      The most visible place in/near the Metro-West for afternoon tea is the Colonial Inn of Concord. They do, what I'm told, is a very nice high tea or whatever the proper term is on Sat & Sun between 3-5pm. Since they do lots of weddings and showers, I'm sure that with forty people you could have them a stage tea time at your own convenience. I'm not a big fan of their restaurant but the pub is fairly decent and with a nice line-up of musicians.The link I've provided below also contains their website. A tea-specific blog, The Boston Tea Cup is posted by teaTomE. It is held in some regard but it seems to be for Boston Proper (okay, I admit it, bad pun intended!)
      Perhaps more knowledgeable Hounds on the subject, like Allstonian, will chime-in at some point.


      Colonial Inn
      48 Monument Sq # 2, Concord, MA

      1. I just told someone else that the Westford Regency does a pretty good Sunday brunch. It's buffet style and it's pretty reasonably priced. They can accommodate medium - large parties in private rooms too. It's definitely worth checking out.

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          Westford Regency does a very good brunch. I believe the price range $20-22 p.p., The last time I had brunch (before the holidays) We had 11 people with us and they gave us a small private room off there main dinning room. The food was typical brunch with a carving station. Lots of selection. I thought the dessert station was lame (but I am not a dessert person.) They had a chocolate fountain, all there desserts (cakes and pies) were frozen .

        2. I couldn't recommend the Colonial Inn's tea. The food isn't very good, and it would be well above your price range. I think your best bet would be to google "Massachusetts tea rooms." There are some in the suburbs that are ladies lunch kinds of places that are less expensive and would be pretty settings. With 40 guests, they would probably turn the place over to you for the afternoon.

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            A point of accuracy please, their website clearly states that "Colonial Tea" is $15.95 which is within "dotcommer's" price point. it does get very positive reviews by some of the Hound but, as I disclaimed, I would have direct knowledge of said same claims, :-)


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              Oops...that should be "I wouldn't have direct knowledge", wouldn't.


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                Thanks for the clarification. A friend had called them a few weeks ago and had been given just the $24.95 price, which is for the fancier tea. However, although it is a pretty setting, the two tea experiences I had there would still not lead me to recommend the food. I'd agree that Dorset's, below, is better.

          2. There is a place in Wellesley called Dorset Coffee and Tea. They have a variety of "teas"- tea sandwiches, pastries etc. I have not been but you might check to see if they could accomodate you.

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              I actually went here for a bridal shower and it was wonderful. The place is very small but they were so accommodating and the tea was fabulous. I would recommend contacting them for your party.