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Feb 2, 2009 08:08 AM

Where to buy Lizano Salsa in Austin?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of an Austin source for Lizano Salsa from Costa Rica? There was an old post that said Randall's carried it. Anyone know if that's still true? I need it this coming weekend so I'd rather not order it online.

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  1. You might try MT Supermarket, but I've gotten it through Amazon also.

    1. I saw it at Fiesta once, but it was well over a year ago.

      1. I looked at Randall's after that post appeared, a year or so ago, and had no luck (even asked the manager about it, they looked it up in some inventory database and there was no record of it, they had no idea). I'm still looking too....

        1. Google search turned up a food distributor here in Austin - Best of the West - that supposedly carries it. You could call and see if they will sell it to you - 512.478.1119

          1. The original comment has been removed