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Feb 2, 2009 08:05 AM

Restaurant with a lounge or club scene for my 30th b-day

Hi all,

I am celebrating my 30th birthday and need some ideas for a fun restaurant with a club or lounge with it.

I prefer Hip hop-R& B-reggae music-in the lounge or club. It be great if it was all in one place :)


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  1. Not sure what exactly you're looking for in terms of food, but I'd suggest Mercer Kitchen. Literally right around the corner is MercBar (turn the corner, walk 15 feet, you're there), they make good drinks, cool vibe, but I can't really remember the music they played. Alternately, you could go to Woo Lae Oak across the street from MercBar.

      1. Delicatessan (sorry spelling)

        1. definitely try the maritime hotel - la bottega for dinner and the cabanas for afterward (one floor up). it's my favorite, and i celebrated my birthday this way too.

          la bottega has delicious food, especially gourmet thin-crust pizzas
          the cabanas are gorgeous, chic in a more casual way, most often with a dj

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            Great recommendation. I ate a La Bottega last weekend & it was amazing (get the pork chop!). Cabanas is fun too, though I've never been there in winter...
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