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Feb 2, 2009 07:49 AM

soy beans

so I bought a huge bag of soy beans-they were on sale. I dont know many recipes involving soy beans though. tell me your favorites please :)

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  1. If this is edamame, in the pod, you boil them briefly in salted water then eat them like peanuts as a beer snack.

    If this is loose beans, the flavor/texture is like fava beans, so you could try subbing. My suggestion? Saute with some olive oil, pancetta, and diced onions or shallots then use as a 'sauce' for pasta, preferably a stubby shape like orecchiete or small seashells. In my kitchen, we'd probably grate some pecorino over it, but this is not to everyone's taste.

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      To Louise's point - what form are they in? I have dried soybeans in my pantry bought on a whim that apparently can only be used for soy milk (any other suggestions?).

      PS - My non-productive hobby is to buy things I haven't cooked with (or seen since I go to many ethnic markets often) and figure out what to do with it. Fun for me, but I need to clean my cupboard more than once a year!

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        they are loose and they are not edamame. I thought they were going to be baked and crunchy but they are raw and dried.

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          Hmm, I'm not sure then. My suggestions assumed that they were fresh or frozen.

    2. homemade soy milk. Soak overnight, rub off skins, puree beans in blender, strain/press out the soy milk, simmer for a few minutes. Add sugar and vanilla if desired. Keep one week in fridge. The leftover bean pulp is okara; you can dry it and add it to granola/baking or cook it in other ways....

      Today I ordered takeout which was thin strips of beef stir fried with hot red and green peppers, bean sprouts, and cooked soy beans. Pretty good.

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        If they cook like other beans, soak overnight then cook. I had a lovely succotash once with soy beans and corn and winter squash.