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Feb 2, 2009 07:14 AM

Move from Dolores to Glen Park: bad idea?

Hi pals,

I am considering moving to Glen Park. Well, I think it's technically Sunnyside -- Mangels and Baden (speaking of "Sunnyside", anyone know how the summer fog is?).

I currently live near Dolores Park, Mission side.

Is this culinary suicide?

-- SKC

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  1. I know some people who just left Glen Park, they said the weather was pretty bad. On the upside, there's Gialina and a few other places and easier parking. Closer to Alemany Farmer's Market too, but I would rather be near Dolores Park.

    1. Geez, this city just isn't that big. You still get whatever you want waaaay over in Glen Park

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      1. re: srr

        I know! It makes me feel better about moving.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Hi, Sarah!

          Probably the answer depends on your lifestyle. One of the benefits of living in the Mission is the number of very casual to semi-casual places you can easily walk to any day of the week. My work hours vary and often I want good food that doesn't require a lot of transit or planning, and the Mission supports that. Also we have lots of great markets, so it's easy to stop in and pick up something at Bi-Rite or the Mission produce markets.

          Glen Park/Sunnyside--I've never lived there, but it seems a lot less dense in terms of restaurants and food markets. I would guess that it wouldn't support my dining habits, but if you're able to plan more, you have a car, or you're willing to BART around a bit, it seems like the trade-off may be worth it?

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          1. re: pane

            GP is less dense but Canyon Market is a fantastic to Bi-Rite. There are is a decent produce market and IMHO Glen Canyon Park is way cooler than Dolores park. The new library is awesome. The whole area has a nice friendly "village" vibe.

            Plus I love the random neighborhood people that sell their backyard produce near the BART station. I've gotten some amazing tree fruit in the summer.

            But I'm definitely baised against the Mission - I like it less and less.

            Canyon Market
            2815 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA

            1. re: larochelle

              More important, Canyon is an excellent bakery, deli, and meat counter. I almost never buy the produce because of the high, Bi-Rite prices.

              Angkor Borei and Lotus Garden both deliver to Glen Park. The Cheese Shop is still there.

              1. re: Windy

                Ditto on the bakery, deli and meat counter, and the wine selection, while small, sometimes has some interesting bottles. I agree on the produce, partially because of cost, and partially because half the time it doesn't look that great. On the other hand, no worries, because Glen Park is close to the Alemany Farmer's Market on Saturday am, for some of the best reasonably priced produce in the City,,,,

                Alemany Farmers' Market
                100 Alemany Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94110

                1. re: Windy

                  Sorry if I was unclear - I meant there is Canyon Market which is similar to Bi-Rite and a produce market similar the mission produce markets - not that I recommend buying CM for its produce.

                  1. re: larochelle

                    Where's the decent produce market?

                    I recommend the place on 30th and Church on the Glen Park/Noe border.

                    1. re: Windy

                      30th and church isnt too near to mangels and baden, but it is some super dirt cheap produce. i miss that place.

                  2. re: Windy

                    Lotus Garden?? As in the Vietnamese place on Mission? Delivers? Enough said!! (Also, Osha will deliver--anyone been to the new one yet?)

                    1. re: Kmanlove

                      Yes, Lotus Garden has delivered dinner for as long as I can remember.

                      Now if only there were a decent Chinese restaurant with delivery on the east side of town...

                      1. re: Windy

                        I take it that place on Monterey (Luck Village?) doesn't? What about the new place next door. Any one been to that?

                        1. re: Kmanlove

                          Lucky River does deliver. The food we've gotten on three occasions hasn't been good, and their clean scores made us uncomfortable.

                          1. re: Windy

                            Yeah the ghosts of Emmy's and Happy Palace are not to be messed with. Not sure about China Wok these days.

                            Delivery out there is pretty limited, though a few indian places will go.

                            1. re: Windy

                              What a surprise on the food. We had a delicious snack there the other day, potstickers and bbq pork. Maybe it's just bad after the delivery time?

                              Had no idea on the clean scores. Lived to tell the tale though. Thanks for the warning.

                          2. re: Windy

                            No delivery yet, but tonight I remembered the new branch of Henry's Hunan on Church near Day (1 block from 30th).

                            Again, not walking distance from Mangels and Baden, but 3 minutes in the car, cheap, delicious, and the original friendly Henry's family. Parking on outer Church or nearby parts of Mission is not easy but possible.

                  3. My partner and I moved to Glen Park together eight years ago, when many of the restaurants the neighborhood now boasts didn't exist. She was coming from the Dolores Park area as well and initially found the transition a little difficult. Now, though, with 1) some great new places and a great new market in the "village," 2) excellent delivery options, particularly from the nearby stretch of Mission, and 3) relatively easy parking and quick BART access to other neighborhoods, she is quite happy.

                    We still head to the Mission to eat out, but it isn't that big of a deal. Glen Park is a great place to live. (Yes, it can be cloudier/more overcast than the Mission.)

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                    1. re: tara

                      Thanks so much for the reply. Can you give me more details as to the delivery options?

                      1. re: SarahKC

                        We use grub hub - - enter your address and it tells you who is open and delivering.

                        1. re: SarahKC

                          Our favorites for delivery are Spicy Bite (Indian), Pad Thai, Zante's (Indian pizza), Mozzarella di Bufala ("regular" pizza), Lotus Garden (Vietnamese). We used to order from Jasmine Tea House but then discovered that their most recent hygiene inspection in October 2008 yielded a score of 44 out of 100. Other options: Dusit Thai, Angkor Borei (Cambodian).