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Feb 2, 2009 06:59 AM

Seeking a brunch place with a prix fixe for a large group

Hi. I run the women's group Some of The Girls - we have a monthly brunch and I've been using the same 2 places - Iguana and Galway Hooker - for a while now. Do you have any suggestions?

These are the constraints for a place:

1) Prix fixe menu
2) Flexibility with numbers (could be 2 of us to 25) WO a guarantee
3) a four top table for our stuff exchange
4) do not require all attendees to be there at the same time in order to be seated

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I always reccomend Calle Ocho. Such a large space; VERY inexpensive (you cant spend over $20-25 pp including tax and tip) and there's bottomless sangria (about 6 different kinds all lined up waiting for you to self serve). The menu is pretty large too.
    Your requirements are kind of tough. Anyone where you go, where you have a large party like that is going ot require a reservation and i dont know how they would feel if only 2 ppl showed up.

    1. try essex and libation on the les. may need a res though with such a large group.

      1. Ditto to what the other posters have said.

        Space is at such a premium that most would probably want a reservation, especially if you were expecting 25 people, and not everybody was going to show up at the same time!

        And I'm not sure any would give up an extra table just so you can do a gift exchange?