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Feb 2, 2009 06:58 AM

Is it okay to freeze hamburger patties?

I just bought a lot of ground beef to make hamburgers throughout the week. If I am going to add the spices and salt/pepper to it tonight and make a few - however, with the remaining beef, should I just form it into patties and freeze them until tomorrow, next day, day after etc or should I let it sit in the frig? Will it affect the taste if I freeze and then defrost? I had it freshly ground so I don't want to ruin it. Also, is it okay to add all the spices, like salt, and freeze it?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. you can absolutely pre-make them and freeze them safely. i wouldn't keep them in the fridge more than 48 hours before cooking--ground meat degrades much more quickly than whole pieces.

    freezing will affect the texture, but i doubt you'll really notice it on burgers.

    1. I was raised with a mother who did this....she made them into patties and stacked them between waxed paper. From what I remember she seasoned afterward when she was making them.
      It never, in my opinion, compromised the taste or texture.
      I would not advise, however, leaving the hamburger in the refrigerator for any amount of time.

      1. I always freeze my beef, chicken, or turkey burgers. The best way to do it is to form the seasoned burgers and line them up on a waxed paper lined cookie sheet. In between each layer of burgers, put a double layer of waxed paper so that they don't stick. When they are frozen solid, put the burgers into ziplock bags with the air squeezed out. Label the ziplock with the date and contents.

        1. I totally aggree with Cheesecake. When ziplocking them, get all of the air out of the bag. Air is your enemy when freezing. We have had a lot of luck with the new zip lock bags that come with the little vacuum pump to remove the air. You can use a normal zip lock and a straw too.

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            I freeze some burgers in little ziplock baggies, that way if my husband wants one, he doesn't have to worry about resealing the whole bag of burgers.

          2. Id suggest that you put a layer of waxed paper between them to make separation easier.