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Good cafe around yonge and eglinton for quality reading/studying

Just what the title suggests. I need to sit down and start doing some research on my thesis. Recently moved to Yonge and Eglinton and have no idea where the good cafes are. And for me, a good cafe is one of those independent coffee shops that's cozy, has good coffee, and is never that hectic that makes reading/studying impossible. I hate going to the library, it's so boring and i end up falling asleep.

And it doesn't have to be exactly at Yonge and Eglinton. Anything between Bloor, Avenue, Lawrence, and Bayview is acceptable.

Free Wifi is a plus.


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  1. There are lots of places, but none that I'd consider quiet come to mind. There was a nice big one upstairs in the Indigo at Yonge and Eglinton Centre, not sure if it's still there or if it's now a Starbucks. Haven't yet been to La Bamboche, you could try there.

    1. I sometimes am in the area for work. I haven't really explored the coffee shops much there... I see a sign for one that has intrigued me but it's not that close to the office. La Tazza.

      1. The Timothy's on Yonge south of Eglinton has lots of people hanging out there and I believe free Wifi. There is nothing independent that comes to mind where I wouldn't think that the management wouldn't find your plan somewhat problematic as most of those places in the area are pretty small and need table space.

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          I don't know about the wifi, but Hannah's Kitchen on Yonge south of Eglinton, is a great spot during the day. It can get crowded at lunch but pre-lunch and post-lunch is great.

        2. I have been looking for the perfect spot in the area for a while! There are tons of Starbucks, Second Cups and Timothy's in the area but not much in the way of comfy, cozy shops where you can work away for the afternoon. Good Luck!


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            I'm down in that area all the time - usually sit and study for hours on end...

            A couple thoughts:
            - The starbucks at yonge and davisville has a HUGE upstairs room with comfy chairs and lots of natural daylight during the day.
            - I personally like the Starbucks @ Eglinton & Holly, especially if I get a comfy chair in a corner. The staff are good there. Once I set up shop, I'm not disturbed, provided I buy something once every oh, 4 or 5 hours or so.

            As far as I know, Timothy's and Second Cup do NOT have free wifi - the time you spend on their internet is charged either to your credit card or to your cell phone bill.
            Over the last couple of months, I've bought a few Starbucks cards and put $5 each on them - for the sole purpose of using them to get online - you get 2 hours/card.
            You can also ask the people behind the counter very nicely if you can use their card (depending on the store, they may have some cards lying around). Your card can be used over and over again, so the $5 (provided you don't spend it on coffee!) is well worth the investment :)

            Cheers - maybe I'll see you around.

          2. <BUMP> Any more ideas?

            1. Yeah, Yonge/Eg area lacks a decent, independent cafe. I totally hear you. A very strange phenomenon. The upstairs at Starbucks at Yonge/Davisville or Starbucks in Indigo at Yonge/Eg is the best you can do. I fantasize about opening one all the time.....

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                me too! the area is ripe for a bit of cafe culture. it frustrates me to no end.


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                  ME TOO! And I'll make the best damn croissants while I'm at it :)

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                    Dare I suggest the new Le Gourmand? Though I'm not sure about the wifi...

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                      ha! I already did at the bottom of this thread. I think we are the Y&E LG cheerleaders!


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                          I'm participating on that thread as well!
                          WON, may i suggest www.loadedweb.com with tonight's order? Read the linking policy :)

                    2. the closest good independent cafe to yonge and eglinton is probably Scratch Espresso Bar, 1358 Bathurst Street


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                      1. Not on a food note at all, has anyone noticed that the "Young and Eligible" is not really young or eligible? Seems like all the then singletons who WERE young and single are now married with children and haven't moved from Y&E at all! Hence the lack of cafe's maybe? I lived there for 4 months and couldn't really find anything good (cafe's, not men duh).

                        On Google maps I see: Mimi's cafe 120 Eglinton East, Cafe Supreme 55 Eglinton East
                        this place looks pretty good: http://caffelatte.ca/index.htm at Yonge and Broadway
                        and kind of far is Jules cafe at Manor and Mount Pleasant

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                          don't be lured by the word "cafe" in the name. Caffe Latte is TINY with MAYBE two tables. I think the other two are more lunch spots than cafes but I'm not sure.

                          The new Le Gourmand south on Yonge may be a good spot to setup shop but only time will tell!


                        2. Can't comment on the coffee but the Country Style on Yonge St has free WIFI, the last time I studied there... which might have been last year.. but I don't suppose they've changed since then. It was pretty clean and quiet when I went - not like the the dingy old Country Styles..

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                            The country style on Yonge just north of eglinton closed a month or two ago.


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                              Boo that sucks. Guess it was too quiet.

                          2. le gourmand cafe just opened up south of eglinton on the east side of yonge. the few times I was in was quiet and emptyish, and they have plenty of tables for the small space. don't know about wifi tho.

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                              How's the coffee @ le gourmand?

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                                The latte I tried was very weak. Not sure about the coffee. Next time I go back, I'm asking for an extra shot of espresso. Not sure if that will bring it to the point where I'll like it.

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                                  Can you also ask about wifi?
                                  Also, do you think they'll be OK with me sitting their for hours studying? Some places don't like this, because they're more of a cafe-restro hybrid and small is size so ideally they'd like to see people sit down relative to what they've spent. 2 coffees for 4 hours just doesn't cut it.

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                                    I'll try to remember to ask the next time I go. However, you could just call and ask? As for them minding you sitting there, if the tables are as empty as they were last few times I was there, I'd think they'd like the place to look occupied!

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                                      No they said they don't mind, with the exception of weekends especially during brunch hours. THe good thing is that they have a restaurant section and a cafe section.

                                      As for wireless, I've asked them a dozen times in the past week and everytime they say "we should have it." But yesterday I went there with my laptop and I could detect to password-protected networks, none of them relevant to LG in name. I asked them for name of the network and the password, and I got the same reply from 3 different employees: "I don't know. I'm not tech savvy. I assume you just look for the network and it comes there without a password. You just click on it."
                                      Gee, thanks :P

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                                        Maybe call and ask to speak to someone who is tech savy? Surely there must be someone!

                            2. Finally an independent coffee shop comes to the wasteland. It's called the Mad Bean. It's across from le Pain Quotidien on the south side of Eglinton, a few blocks east of Spadia. I was in this a.m. It was Day 3 and quite quiet. The coffee is excellent, organic. They haven't really figured out the food yet. Remains to be seen what evolves, but I will support it. It's weird to have a cosy, funky coffeeshop in that area. I hope others find/support it. That neighbourhood can be notoriously conservative-middling when it comes to what locals will embrace.

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                                There are also a couple of other new/newish additions in the area -- Aroma in the YE Centre, and the new patisserie (I'm blanking on the name) that everyone is raving about on Yonge around Erskine. Not sure whether they're good for reading or studying though.

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                                  The place I forgot the name of is La Boheme:


                                  La Boheme
                                  2481 Yonge St, Toronto, ON , CA

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                                    Its really small ( Not good for reading studying etc. )

                                2. re: zoe3654

                                  Please post about the food (whether lunch-like or dessert) when they do figure it out!

                                3. How about one of the French Patisseries on Mt. Pleasant or Bayview? - Thobors, Jules, La Cigogne, Rahier

                                  1586 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G, CA

                                  1626 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G, CA

                                  627 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA