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Feb 2, 2009 06:18 AM

Romantic in Philly

I live in NYC, and the boyfriend and I are coming down to Philly for a quick overnight stay before Valentine's Day (not on, thankfully). We're looking for a great cozy, dark (but not too expensive!) spot in the city to have a tasty dinner. We know our food, and like French, Italian, New American, seafood.... Thanks!!

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  1. Beau Monde
    Caffe Casta Diva

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    1. chloe is a small, romantic BYOB
      Tequila's is not too dark but it is gorgeous and the Mexican food is very good

      1. Bistro Romano is consistently voted one of the most romantic restaurants in Philly. I've been there and I can attest for it...its dark and romantic with amazing italian food.

        For something alittle more adventurous, try Zahav in Old City, the cuisin is Israeli.