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Feb 2, 2009 06:03 AM

Just Back From The Big Easy

Hi everyone, just got back from NOLA, my first trip there since Katrina. The weather was wonderful and the city was great. Now for the food. We went to Lilette for lunch. Very good, we both had escargot to start. I had the veal cheeks, very very good, the gnocchi were just ok, I think they were overcooked as they were extremely mushy, but the veal and the muchrooms were very excellent. My husband had the black drum, it was good, but he wasn't thrilled by it, it was his first time having drum fish and he thought the fish would be flakier. But he enjoyed it.
Herbsaint for dinner, total disappointment. The place was packed, but that was ok. I am a frog leg lover and was so looking forward to the frog legs. My husband loves them too. I wasn't that hungry after the big lunch at Lilette so I ordered 2 appitizers,gumbo to start and the frog legs as my entree. The gumbo was awesome. My husband ordered frog legs to start and a veal rollatini. The frog legs were deep fried and were so greasy, I thought they were awful as did my husband. The worst frog legs I ever had actually. I can see them being breaded and sauteed, but deep fried... no they were for me, terrible & tasteless, the frog it's self was moist at least.The veal was tasteless...all in all a disapointment. But I must say that the waitstaff were very nice and helpful.
Bayona lunch... I was disappointed that they only offered the 25 three course special lunch and nothing off the menu, as I wanted the sweetbreads and they were not offered...but that was soon quelled as the food was wonderful. I had the garlic soup to start, sublime, delious, I could have drank a vat of it. My husband had black bean soup, it was wonderful, he LOVES black bean soup and thought it was one of the best he has ever had. Then I had a house made pastrami sandwich, with swiss cheese melted on top, with home made cole slaw and house made potatoe chips. Fantastic. My husband had pulled smoked duck over sausage bread pudding, it was really tasty and was right up there with my pastrami. Desserts to die for!!! my husband had carrot cake, it was an individual carrot cake, excellent moist , terrific icing and the cake was loaded with chopped walnuts and served with a house made maple walnut ice cream. I had a multilayer crepe, filled with chocolate cream with white chocolate ice cream, with a hunk of white chocolate and strawberries. So good!!!! I can't wait to go back in October, and have dinner there so I can finally try the sweetbreads!!! I am thinking a lunch and a dinner next time as we will be there for a longer stay!
Cancelled gautreau!! We were to full from Bayona, and my husband wanted to hang in the quarter and listen to music. I was disappointed but, ther is always next trip.This trip was so short, I have been 6 times now and that was the shortest trip. Never again will I go for less than 4 nights. All in all a good time. Thanks for all the help!! Can't wait to go back!!!

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  1. Frogleg question: where have you had sauteed froglegs? I've never heard of, much less had, anything other than deep fried froglegs. Bummer you didn't like em. I love those things With the crystal infused oil, they're tough to beat.

    Glad you enjoyed the rest of your trip, though.

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    1. re: N.O.Food

      I have had frog legs in NYC, Paris and a few French restaurants on Long Island, and they were never deep fried. Always breaded and then sauteed in a herb garlic butter sauce...These were my first "southern" frog legs.

      1. re: kittykatkid

        Cool. I'll have to sautee some the next time I go frogging.

      2. re: N.O.Food

        We always did ours sautéed, but that is another story. I cannot recall any frog's legs, that I've ever had in NOLA. I'd think that with a really hot fryer, deep-fried could be good. Unfortunately, these were not.

        Most recent were Chef Kevin Binkley's (PHX, AZ) were panko-crusted and sautéed in a garlic butter. Great!

        For the strong French influence, I guess that I just missed these, in any restaurant in NOLA. Would be interesting to see how others do it.


        1. re: Bill Hunt

          The ones that are panko encrusted and sauteed in garlic butter are to die for, moist tender and GARLICKY!!! The deep fried were terrible, the delicateness of the flavor of the legs themselves was lost and could not stand up to the hard deep fried batter . Sorry Herbsaint frog leg lovers...just MHO. The gumbo was great though!!

          1. re: kittykatkid

            If you like frogs legs go to Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant and have them there. Often sauteed or lightly lightly fried- excellent.

          2. re: Bill Hunt

            I have had outstanding frog legs at Arnaud's.