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Feb 2, 2009 05:46 AM

Caterers in NJ- reviews please


I am arranging a big (but low budget fundraiser event) for our Shul. I have a max of around $45 a person to spend.

The following caterers have so far come in very close to budget:

Dalgar (Lakewood)
Signature kosher caterers (from Cherry Hill)
Majestic Caterers (Elizabeth)

We are around 10 mins South of Elizabeth. Is there anyone else we should be looking? Has anyone had food from the above that they can give me some reviews?


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  1. Try Majestic Kosher Caterers, LLC
    P.O. Box 9616 Elizabeth, NJ 07202 (908) 353-2680

    ask for Barry nice guy and he'll work with you

    1. would recommend Five Star-they've done nice work for me at a reasonable price
      Ask for Danny

      Five Star Caterers

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        beth indyk
        Catering by Beth
        Beth Scherman Indyk
        South Orange, New Jersey
        Kashrut Supervision: Vaad of Metro West

      2. Jersualem Pizza does a nice dairy kiddush. Located in Highland Park - I don't know the phone #.

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          Jerusalem in HP does more than just kiddush. I've seen them cater engagement parties, brises, and other things. Not totally sure of their prices, but their food is really good, and quite varied.

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