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Dinner around Tufts in Boston

We will be spending time at Tufts this week for a sister who is having brain surgery. I'm thinking that a nice dinner each night would really make a difference. Any suggestions for good food, not top end but definitely better than the bottom. I would even take a great pub experience.....

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  1. So sorry to hear about your sister's illness. Will you be at Tufts Medical (downtown) or near the undergrad campus in Medford? Either way, you will probably get the best responses if you post this on the Boston board.

    If you are going to be in the Medford/Somerville area, do a search for Davis Sq. (on the boston board) and you should come up with some winners. Cambridge is also not far away. For downtown, the options are endless. Do you like ethnic food, Italian....give us a little better idea of your preferences overall.

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      The hospital is in town, so that's where they will be, not Medford/Somerville.

    2. I assume you mean Tufts Medical Center on Harrison Avenue near Chinatown.

      Nice dinner places in that area are mainly in the Theatre District (very nearby):
      Via Matta

      Less fancy but still good food would be the Asian restuarants in Chinatown, such as Montien, Penang, or one of the shabu-shabu places.

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        We are staying at the Double Tree on Washington....I am not familiar with any part of Boston...thanks for your recommendations...

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          The restaurant at the Doubletree is pretty bad - I stay at that hotel often for work, and I'm amazed at how awful the food is, consistantly. Teatro is good, and I like Rock Bottom Brewery for salad and sandwiches. Didn't love Pigalle. Both are a quick walk from the Doubletree (out the front door, to the left). China town is out the front door, to the right, and I've grabbed some quick good meals there, but don't remember any names.

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            thanks for the heads up, I thought from my sister's first time through that it might not be that good...

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          All walking distance, I assume? My sister will be coming down from maine with another sister and my partner and I will be coming in from NY. I would be willing to taxi but do not want to drive....

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            Yes, all the places I mentioned are within walking distance - 5 to 10 mins max.

        3. That isn't my part of Boston, so I don't have specific recommendations, but I have been through the same thing--attending a delicate neurosurgery out of town.

          So I'd add in my 2 cents, and suggest you find places that are a little slower paced--nothing that has reservations stacked up, because your days are likely to be exhausting and it won't be nice to be hustled through your dinner. And a place that is more private than sceney, in case one of your party gets the need to cry.

          And I suggest a bar with good cocktails!

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            Great advice, kind of teared up just reading it.....bar is a must, I'm afraid....thanks for the thoughtful advice....

          2. Sorry to hear about your sister. I wish her and your family, the best of luck. T

            he Taiwan Cafe and Pho Pasteur in Chinatown are both very good, very close by, casual and delicious. It's also fun to walk through Chintown! McCormick and Schmick's nearby has a great bar and an even better bar menu and very affordable. Jacob Wirth's, a great and historic bar also nearby with a nice menu.

            Good luck on all accounts

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              Jacob Wirth's is very nearby, and is a lot of fun in the right mood. But it's usually crowded and has a boisterous atmosphere - as others have noted above, you may find that uncomfortable depending on how things are going for you personally.

              Definitely explore Chinatown - plenty of good cheap eats to be had. All of the places mentioned so far are within easy walking distance.

            2. Montien is close by Tufts Medical Center and has a nice atmosphere. It serves Thai food and has a full bar. Penang is a Malaysian restaurant on Washington Street that has good food. Wishing the best for all concerned.

              Montien Thai Restaurant
              63 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116

              685 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111

              1. My thoughts are with you and I hope for the best for you and your sister. I had brain surgery (Dr. Heilman) at Tufts, and I can report that the care I received was superb. I actually have fond memories of how well I was attended during that difficult time and how well my family was treated as well. You are in my thoughts. As for food, we enjoyed Thai at Montien a few times (believe it or not I was quite hungry once I was alert again) and my folks brought Thai to me in the hospital. There is also one of my favorite restaurants (one which has received a measure of disappointment on this board of late, but one with which I have had very positive experiences) is Pigalle a few blocks west on Charles Street. It is quiet and private and the food is very, very good. I would call the atmosphere soothing - most of the time the music is French singers or classical music, although there has been some more raucous jazz music played from time to time, but overall the ambiance is nice. A few blocks down you will also find a nice steakhouse, Flemings, in Park Square that is not too bustling and has decent enough wines and cocktails as well as well-prepared typical steak house menu. And a block down from there - not my favorite, but serviceable is Via Matta - modern Italian - with some very tasty dishes - run by one of Boston's top chefs, Michael Schlow. The atmosphere is bustling - but nice. Troquet, a restaurant well regarded for its wine list, is few blocks away on Boylston Street across from the Boston Common. Here you will enjoy a very nice French menu, one of the best wine lists in the city, a somewhat dark ambance and spectacular service. Then of course there is Chinatown - in the midst of which the hospital itself if situated. I am not much of a fan of CHinese food - however there are many great places to dine - some quieter/better/more critically acclaimed than others. I cannot really speak to it, but many on this board recommend Peach Farm(s)? Good luck, and I know you are in good hands!!

                1. So much kindness expressed in this thread, I'm leaving tomorrow and will try most of what has been recommended here...thanks...truly

                  1. For good Italian food, check out Teatro on Tremont St.