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Feb 2, 2009 05:31 AM

Maui Recs in Wailea

Aloha! I will be staying at the Four Seasons Maui, and have been reading some less than exciting reviews of the restaurants at our hotel. Can anybody offer some good advice for other places to eat in the area? We don't really want to rent a car except to drive the road to Hana, so local, walkable, etc would be perfect.


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  1. Sarento is a short cab ride away in Kihei. I've eaten there about four times and always was satisfied. Try for a table facing the water at sunset.

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      Thanks for the rec. I've never heard of Sarento but I will definitely look into it.

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        The same group that runs Sarento's also runs Nick's Fishmarket at the Kea Lani, which we always enjoy. Not within walking distance, but not far away is the Sea Watch on the Wailea Gold Course. Very good for any meal. I think that both Duo and Ferraro's at the Four Seasons are wonderful, I have never had a bad meal at either. And you can't beat the almost-on-the-beach seating at Ferraro's. There's always Tommy Bahama at the Shops at Wailea for a more modest meal, and the food is actually pretty good. And Matteo's serves up a decent slice of pizza. Some people like Joe's at the tennis center, but I wasn't too impressed the one time I went. I much prefer his wife's restaurant, Hali'imaile General Store. Definitely not close to your area, though. However, you could hit it on your way to or back from the road to Hana.

    2. Wailea really isn't a pedestrian-oriented area. Unless you're not planning to leave the resort, you may want to reconsider the car rental issue. They're relatively inexpensive, and will let you check out a lot more of what the island has to offer.

      That said, my favorite place within a mile or so is Joe's Bar & Grill, a Bev Gannon restaurant. Nick's is okay, if pricey. Spago is Spago. I was nonplussed the only time I went to Sarento's, but it was only one visit. And the location is pretty primo.

      1. I was there for a week and the rentals were cheap. Spent time driving all around the island. I can't remember the name of the place but I think it was in Wailea or Kihei and they had really good fish tacos.

        1. I would respectfully disagree with the reviews of the restaurants at the Four Seasons. They are all expensive, of course. But Spago is outstanding -- in my opinion, the best restaurant of the island. I strongly recommend that you call ahead and tell them you want a tasting menu. This is no longer offered on the menu (at least as of November); you have to ask. When we were there, they prepared a nine-course meal for us for $125 per person (no pairings). After dinner, we made reservations for two nights later and told them we'd be doing the tasting again. Every dish was different. Two spectular meals.

          Ferraro's is quite tasty for lunch, and I imagine that it is fine for dinner. Mighty hard to be the setting.

          I've not had the steak at Duo's, but the breakfast... oh the breakfast!