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Feb 2, 2009 04:34 AM

Jaleo's fried white beans? [moved from DC/Baltimore board]

Hi there,

A friend tried to replicate the fried white beans at Jaleo, and while they were delicious, they lacked the crisp of the ones at Jaleo. Do you need to cook beans raw and then leave them al dente, and that's where the crisp is from? Or do you need to fry them in a significant amount of oil?

How do you get that crispy coating?


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  1. One of the Chefs at Jaleo said this:

    “Cook the beans like you would normally cook the beans. When they are cooked and tender take the beans and cool them. After they are cooled, heat a frying pan with about a tablespoon of olive oil and bring it to heat. Make sure that you see the faint smoke of the oil, that is your cue that the pan is hot enough.
    With a slotted spoon, take a cup or two of beans at a time and cook the beans in the hot pan. Don’t turn them too quickly and make sure to not overcook them.
    After the beans are brown on one side, flip and repeat. At the end of the process, take some of the liquid that you cooked the bean originally in and add a little so that the beans aren’t dry….Add Garlic, Salt and Parsley to finish. NOTE*** The original process is important. If you overcook the beans to begin with, then the crisp that you are looking for, won’t be as prevalent. To avoid this, cook them and get them into your freezer sooner rather than later, as beans left in warm liquid, will continue to cook, just like most things.”

    1. You can also achieve this by using canned white beans, rinsing and drying them well, and then deep frying them for a minute. Right after you pull them out toss w/ sea salt and herbs if you want. They are great this way.