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Feb 2, 2009 03:11 AM

Madrid, March, 8 days

I apologize for repeating what I have written before, but I would like up-dates on the following restaurant suggestions. We will stay at the Ritz and spend a lot of time at the museums and in Salamanca window shopping. We dine early by Spanish standards and I doubt we will be up for much nightlife.

Casa Lucio, Cava Baja 35 913658217*
Chocolatería San Ginés, Pasadizo San Ginés 5 913656546*
Maceiras, Huertas 66 914295818*
Taberna de la Daniela, General Pardinas 21 915752329 (cocido)
Ventorrillo Murciano, Tres Peces 20 915288309 (paella)

Casa Lucas, Cava Baja 30 913650804
Tempranillo, Cava Baja 38 913641532*
Txirimiri, Humilladero 6 914014345
Cervecería Cervantes, Plaza de Jesús 7 914296093

Casa Rafa, Narváez 68 915731087
Gran Barril, Goya 107 914312210
Naveira do Mar, Santa Juliana, 57 914594532
Taberna del Puerto, Fernán González 50 915046699
Telégrafo, Padre Damián 44 913506119

Ansorena, Capitán Haya 55 915796451
Casa Julián, Don Ramón De La Cruz 12 914313535
Frontón, Tirso De Molina 7 913691617
Imanol, General Díaz Porlier 97 913090859

Starred entries appear to be universally recommended. I listed a specialty if I knew it.

Two service stops I have heard about are

Burgos, Cedaceros 2 915211891 (shirts)
Moderna, Alcalá 121 914353749 or Ortega y Gasset 61 914015769 (barber shop)

Whatever locals can add or recommend, I would be very grateful.

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  1. My favourite local restaurant is La Cazorla - it's on the corner of C/Maldonado and C/Castello´ - 915627288. The food is Andaluza - mixed fried fish (very fresh), salads, meats, revueltos, mariscos. I take everyone who visits me here - it's never failed to please; rustic cooking very well done.
    It's very popular with the locals at both lunch and dinner. If you go - beware the portion size; any starter (racion) is intended to be shared - they are huge. I would add that this restaurant is extremely reasonably priced.

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      The original post is about a year old. I am sure that OP has already returned from their trip.

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        Thanks PBSF - it popped up as new on the board, and I didn't check the date.