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Feb 2, 2009 02:41 AM

Need some examples of soul food

At work we are having crock pot Friday this week, and the theme this month is soul food. Now I am a southern cook, but I am having a problem with this one. I can't seem to think of anything to make except, various beans/peas and rice and greens. There are at least 10 different pots of beans and rice coming, and I wanted to avoid being one of the many. I know soul food originated with families using local vegetables and cheaper cuts of meat... I need some inspiration with one, any help would be appreciated.

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  1. What about grits baked with cheese and garlic - they travel well and are always scarfed down as quickly as possible when we carry them anywhere.

    Other ideas: succotash, sweet potatoes, biscuits or corn bread. Of course any kind of fried vegetable (like okra) would be suitable - but they don't work well unless you can serve them right away.

    1. Collard or mixed Geens with a bit of bacon. Don't make the mistake of cooking them for a long time. Check Alton Brown's recipies for good techniques and times...

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        I have to admit I am old school when it comes to collards and turnips, I do cook them for an hour or two with a couple of hamhocks and chopped onion thrown in to the pot. For me the pot liquor is almost as good as the greens. Just the way I was raised eating them at my mom's and grandma's tables...definitely comfort food for me. Although, this winter I started braising greens and we have eaten quite a bit of swiss chard and others. Thanks for the info...

      2. Macaroni and cheese or chicken and dumplings would be crock-pot friendly soul foods.... Not necessarily for the crock pot, but fried chicken is a good standard soul food.

        1. lots of beans and greens, and no sweets?

          take a chess or buttermilk pie!

          better yet, a pecan pie! see the karo syrup bottle's recipe. ;-).

          sweet potato pie,

          or a (real) casserole with the sweet 'taters (not that gooey, sweet, "stuff").

          my fave: pound cake!
          here's my own family's recipe for sour cream pound cake:

          in this wonderful thread on "regional cakes" :

          welcome to chow, fellow floridian. where are you? i'm from fort myers.

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            I live in central Florida, just outside the unnatural glow of Disney ;-)... thanks for the welcome. I have always wanted to try chess pie, so I might go for that one... or possibly the chicken and dumplings. Thanks, kim

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              If you want to go wild make chess cake - simply bake three pies and stack 'em. The untimate sugar high!

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                  That is a seriously good idea. Dangerously good.

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                I really don't think it's a soul food lunch without sweet potato pie! We had an outstanding banana pudding at a soul food restaurant too.