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Feb 2, 2009 01:03 AM

Vegas: Great Cuban sandwich at Florida Cafe

I was in the mood for a Cuban sandwich the other day, so I headed over to the Florida Cafe , located in a Howard Johnson's on Las Vegas Blvd, between the Strip and downtown, a bit north of the Strat.

This is the real deal -- a Cuban restaurant run by Cubans, with lots of Cuban customers. The sandwich had roast pork, ham, and cheese, with pickles and mustard on a standard Cuban roll -- light crispy outside, poofy inside. I had them hold the pickles and add mayo and grilled onions. The sandwich was pressed thin of course. Instead of the usual accompanying fries, I opted for plantain chips (mariquitas) served with a tasty garlic sauce.

Probably the best Cuban I've had -- great flavor, quality ingredients. Nice service, pleasant coffee-shop atmosphere. The waiter made me a fresh-squeezed limeade even though it wasn't on the menu.

I've been there before, and will go again. Lots of other interesting stuff on the menu:

Cuban Restaurant-Florida Cafe
1401 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, NV 89104

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  1. Thank you for the tip Steve, that sounds pretty good. That's one of those places which for some reason I've never been in, but after your review I'll certainly give it a try.

    1. Florida Cafe has good sandwiches, but for any other Cuban food I strongly prefer Rincon Criollo (just north at 1145 LVB).

      Favorites of mine include the bistec criollo, palomilla empanizada, pollo fricaze (mmm, green olives) and camarones en mojo de ajo. And I forgot the boliche, also very tasty.

      1. Florida Cafe is one of the few places we must eat at when in Vegas. The ropa vieja is always spot on. The pork roast can be a little dry but the flavor is good. Love the rice & beans, I could eat that everyday. Oh, & the tres leches cake, my favorite cake ever!
        I haven't tried Rincon Criollo, but am thinking I will next time I'm in Vegas.

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        1. re: jcattles

          Florida Cafe is more like a regular restaurant, with booths and a bar etc..

          Rincon Criollo is like eating in your cuban mother's kitchen.

          Both are very good. I prefer Rincon because it feels more authentic, but it doesn't have a liquor license so bring your own if you so desire.