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Feb 1, 2009 08:13 PM

Indian for b-day dinner... with live music?

Is there even such a thing in Toronto? If there isn't the option of live music, then what are some good recommendations close--or at least easily transit accessible--to Woodbine and Queen. Ideally somewhere nice but not blow-your-budget expensive.

I was consulted by a friend who doesn't have computer access, but I am not experienced in this cuisine. Thanks in advance for any help you chowhounders can provide!

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  1. The only Indian restaurant worth going to, that's accessible from Woodbine and Queen is Dhaba on Queen and John. You can take the Queen st. street car. Everest, also at Queen and John, does Indian/Tibetian

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      Everest is horrible IMHO. If you're at Woodbine and Queen, you could walk to Coxwell & Gerrard and Siddhartha. If you're new to Indian food, it's an OK introduction. AYCE buffet lunch & dinner. Or Udupi Palace for cheap southern Indian vegetariann (dosas, etc).

      Dhaba advertises it has a sitar player but that's on Friday nights IIRC and very expensive.

      1. re: latoya

        Thanks for the replies so far. Any other suggestions?

        stonedtoronto, the Dhaba website says King St., west of John--is there another one at Queen and John?

        latoya, I couldn't find a sitar player advertised on the website. Do you know if they still have it? Otherwise I can call them directly.

        Just for clarification, while I am an Indian food novice, our friends know their stuff. It's just that they're new to the neighbourhood after having recently moved down from the suburbs. Thanks!

        1. re: homebaker

          The east end isn't my forte, but I'm sure there would be somewhere that meets your friends' needs in Little India (Coxwell and Gerard-ish). If not, and if they're willing to travel to Queen West, perhaps they might want to check out Babur (at McCaul). I've had consistently good experiences with the food there.

          I've never encountered an Indian restaurant with live music in Toronto, but that's just me.

          1. re: torontofoodiegirl

            I just checked out Babur's website and it looks quite good. Thanks for the suggestion!

            I know the live music aspect is a really long shot, but I had to ask just in case somebody does it. :)

          2. re: homebaker

            Hey, for some reason I confused Dhaba and Babur. It's Babur that's at Queen and John. My experiences at Everest have all been decent, nothing amazing, nothing bad. I like the atmosphere. And for apps that are around 8, and mains around's pretty good. If you eat out alot, it's definately worth a trip imo.

            1. re: stonedtoronto

              Thanks for clarifying Dhaba and Babur.

              Everest sounds good too. I think the Tibetan angle is really neat. From the address, I presume it's just down the street from Babur, so maybe that's the area to explore?

              1. re: homebaker

                I really do like the atmosphere at Everest. It's by no means fine dining, but it could easily be confused for one when you first walk in.

                Yep, they're across the street from each other. Typically if I go to Everest, I make a point to go to Cafe Crepe, which is just a few stores down. The Tibetan food on the menu isn't that great, but I do enjoy the butter chicken there.

                I know what you mean about Queen and Woodbine. I am usually in the area once or twice a week, and it seems like such a great location for great eats...but there hardly is anything there. I usually end up going to Lick's.

                1. re: stonedtoronto

                  Yah, I know what you mean. I'm not down there very often but my (somewhat ignorant!) impression of the area is that most people just grab a coffee, burger, or ice cream and head down to the beach.

                  Thanks for your additional thoughts about Everest; good to know. Anything specific at Cafe Crepe that you would recommend?

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        1. I think Kama has live music on Saturday nights. I believe its just a sitar player.

          1. re: rapsrealm

            I appreciate your input, rapsrealm. Kama looks fairly reasonable, price-wise, and they even have an online coupon! That's where I also confirmed that they indeed have a sitar player during Saturday dinners.

            Are any of their dishes must-trys?

          2. MindGrinder, I also tried to poke around online but nothing seems to come up for me either. Let me know if you happen to find out any more info. Thanks!

          3. Hi there!
            There is a great Indian/Nepalese place in the Annex - accessible by TTC and near Spadina Station - called Mount Everest (not to be confused with Everest on Queen). I know they have a Sitar player there on most nights, and I love the food. There are also white table cloths, and waiters with bow ties - and prices are super reasonable. I would highly recommend this place.

            Here's the website:

            Happy birthday in advance!

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            1. re: Yum2MyTum

              Hi Yum2MyTum... wow, what a glowing recommendation! I'll be sure not to overlook this one. Sounds like it's worth the trip. It's on Bloor, correct?

              The prices do look very good. What do you like to order?

              1. re: homebaker

                Hi homebaker - sorry for the delayed response. It is on Bloor, just West of Spadina, very near the station.
                I always order the Vegetarian set menu for two (not for myself of course... but I would if I could!) I love their tandoor veggies, and the saag paneer. The naan is lovely as well. Let me know what you think if you try it out!