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Feb 1, 2009 06:05 PM

Dinner at Yang's, Richmond Hill - Wonderful Cantonese Cuisine!

After a number of Dim Sum lunches at Yang's, I finally had a chance to go there for dinner tonight. We did not order anything exotic like sharksfin or abalone. Just stick to the typical family Cantonese stirred fried dishes and then some. Every dishes were executed nicely. Worth special mentioning was the roast suckling piglet. Very crunchy and crispy! Other dishes like their free range chicken, stirred fry yellow fin garoupa, beef filet, sauteed king prawns....etc were all extremely delicious. A far cry from the disastrous meal at Big Mouth Kee a few days back!
Service was impeccable! The best I have experienced in a Chinese restaurant in TO.

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  1. Hi Charles, was waiting patiently for either you or skyline to try out their dinner their. How are their prices, compared to say OMei or some of the "fancier" chinese up in that area?

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    1. re: Royaljelly

      About the same price, may be just a touch more for some dishes. However, worth every penny!

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        Hi Royaljelly, I also agree with Charles on the food of Yang, visited it a while back and satisfied with it's dinner, I gave some details in some of the earlier post of Yangs. I just visted Yangs recently for their dim sum again, 11 people for less than $200 (include tax + tips). Definitely a good value ! Service is the best in there !

        1. re: skylineR33

          I have only been for their dim sum, never dinner, and agree that their dim sum is good, excellent value, and the service is much better than many other places. I'll have to stop in for dinner on the strength of this recommendation! Other than the dinner items mentioned, is there anything else you'd recommend skylineR33 or Charles_Yu?

          1. re: skylineR33

            skylineR33, I was thinking of taking 11 people to Yang's for dim sum this Sunday (very intrigued by the positive comments here) so I have to ask - did you make reservations? Were you able to fit 11 at one table or did you have two tables?

            1. re: klashton

              Yes, we made reservation and it is strongly recommend to do so. It is very busy there (especially on a Sunday), so even we made reservation, we have to wait for a while, that's typical though. There are big table so 11 at one table has no problem.

        2. Can you give me the address, please. Can't seem to find it listed. Txs.

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          1. re: Helen

            Yangs Fine Chinese Cuisine - Unit 30, 9665 Bayview avenue, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9V4


          2. From a pricing perspective, what would be the norm for dinner for two? Sounds perfect for a dinner out next Tuesday.

            1. Finally got to try this place out for dinner on a frosty monday night. As usual service was fantastic (it better be when there's only 3 tables all night long).

              We ordered the $88 set dinner for 4 (we only had 2 adults and one 3 yr old, oink oink). First was the fish belly/seafood soup (tons of fresh seafood in it), then stir fried mushrooms (3-4 varieties) and bokchoi, fish fillets stir fried w/ snow peas and white fungus, huge butterfly shrimps (my fav dish of the night) stir fried w/ broccoli, and crispy chicken (standard). Flavours in all dishes aren't overwhelming in sauce, just really well done and refined cantonese cooking using top quality ingredients. Portions were decent too for a "high end" place. Dessert was a sweet potato w/ ginger infused clear soup.

              We were thinking of getting the free range chicken dish that you guys seem to like, but it's over $20 by itself.

              Very satisfying from start to finish, we had a ton of food to take home too, so could have easily fed 4. Will definitely need to bring the parents there when they're in town. Thanks again guys for the heads up!

              BTW, the set menu we ordered was in chinese, not sure if they have something written in english (or you can ask their servers).

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              1. re: Royaljelly

                We didn't have the greatest experience there, but will return for a second try.
                The restaurant was quiet, and our guests were from North Carolina, so exotic dishes were out.
                We ordered the spring rolls, excellent, and not the least bit greasy.. good start.
                Next Hot and Sour soup, which was just barely O.K.
                We ordered the Peking duck, which was brought to the table at the exact time they brought the soup, so we asked them not to cut it yet.
                The server cut is anyway, but at the side, and it sat there..
                It was cold when brought to the table.
                Not very appetizing.
                He realized that he forgot the wraps, and I kid you not it took over ten minutes for them to come.
                I also noticed that he didn't cut away all of the skin, but thought since it was two ways, at least we could enjoy the rest of the duck and skin, heated up.
                Instead of the duck they returned almost immediately with a tray of chopped duck and vegetables in crispy individual cups, as well as lettuce.
                This was very tasty , but no way did they have time to prepare this dish from our duck.
                Very weird
                Do you put the cup on the lettuce?
                The Singapore Vermicelli not good
                The Baby Bok Choy was tasteless, overcooked, and watery.
                One of our guests requested the Sweet and Sour Shrimp, which I would never have chosen, but this dish turned out to be the only outstanding dish.
                Jumbo Shrimp, light on the batter, served in half a Pineapple, sauced just right, and not too sweet..
                I would definitely order this dish again.
                As I have stated, with our Chinese Guru's thinking so highly of this place, we will give it another shot, as they either had an off evening, or we just ordered the wrong food.

                1. re: erly

                  I went there yesterday for dim sum AT Yang's.

                  Service was terrible, I had to wave them to give my order. I went to the washroom. Which was freezing cold. And unfinished. What kind of signs are those for bathrooms. The staff kept on walking in front of me, never letting me walk first. NO MANNERS!!!. Food was just ok.

                  Nothing to rave about. I would not go so far ever for that again.

                  They probably spent too much time TRYING to make everything look good. TRY.. and not have it taste good. A tad innovative. But eh!

                  I can leave it. I guess they are not that great anymore for dim sum. WHY U CHOWHOUNDERS NOT LET ME KNOW!!!

                  1. re: Chocaholic

                    Why do you look at such an old thread ? I have at least mentioned a few time on this board that the dim sum scene in Toronto area has been going downhill including dim sum in all area (Richmond Hill, downtown, Markham, Scarborough). There is no good dim sum anymore in Richmond Hill and Markham at this present time.

                    1. re: skylineR33


                      I guess only Lai Wah Heen & Toh downtown?

                      But there service was terrible!

                      Lai Wah Heen
                      108 Chestnut St, Toronto, ON M5G 1R3, CA

                        1. re: Chocaholic

                          I have not visited Lai Wah Heen in this few month, so I am not sure if their dim sum is still good but from my experience they are the best you can find in Toronto area with a higher price to pay. Other than that, there is no decent dim sum in all GTA in my book at this present time.

                      1. re: skylineR33

                        "There is no good dim sum anymore in Richmond Hill and Markham at this present time"

                        Quite a bold (and many may argue, innacurate) statement.

                        All of my latest visits to Casa Victoria (our go to, for up north Dim Sum) have been quite good and mostly consistent across the board.

                        1. re: Sadistick

                          "Quite a bold (and many may argue, innacurate) statement."

                          That's why I said it is in my book. I have also visited all the casa recently but staple item such as har gow, cheung fun, soup dumplings all failed in my standard. I can relate their dim sum to over cooked, thick, bad seasoning, ugly ... but not the word 'good'. I guess to each his/her own, standard is not the same.

                          1. re: skylineR33

                            i tried Brilliant chinese restaurant based on Charles' recommendation on the weekend and was quite satisfied with the dim sum there...most were great ...the har gow was good but it was quite small in size compared to the other higher tiered restaurants.
                            but overall my table was quite pleasantly satisfied

                            1. re: plug

                              Traditional Har Gow as served in say, Hong Kong's finer restaurants, are supposed to be small, dainty and bite-size! Large 'golf-ball' size ones are more gimmicky, with the restaurant trying to give the patrons a sense of 'getting their money's worth''!

                            2. re: skylineR33

                              Clearly it is in your book.

                              So are you suggesting it has gone down hill, or you simply never cared for it?

                              We are heading there again tomorrow, so I am curious to see if your sentiments ring true.

                              Last time however, their har gow were decently thin skinned, with relatively crunchy, well executed shrimp.

                              If your standards are based on Hong Kong's dim sum say for example (no clue what your baseline is composed of), perhaps you should consider giving up eating it entirely in Toronto. LWH used to be my standard, but based on recent visits , I prefer CV, both from a cost:quality ratio, and on an overall satisfaction basis.

                              1. re: Sadistick

                                I really hope we have a good standard dim sum place in Toronto because I love dim sum. As I said, different person has different standard, based on one's experience and knowledge. It may be the best dim sum for someone but the same meal may not be good enough for others. I judge based on what I consider a good dim sum should be in terms of taste, form, ingradient used and effort. Clearly to me, not a place in Richmond Hill/Markham at the present time has a good standard of dim sum, not to even mention one has a characteristic. BTW, I have just visited Celestial Court again today, it is another run of the mill operation what so ever.

                          2. re: skylineR33

                            Just like to make a short posting echoing skylineR33's sentiment!

                            GTA's dim sum scene is getting worse and worse.

                            Casing point. Just had Dim Sum lunch at Regal Palace Hwy#7 location. Used to be one of the better establishment in the area, especially their '#1 bun under the sky'. However, today's offering were 90+% mediocre. Har Gow has soggy thick skin. Steamed beef tripe, bland and lack of seasoning. Rice noodle Cheung Fun's texture really thick and gluey. The filling of the aforementioned buns were not juicy enough. Only, dish worth mentioning is the deep fried dumpling with 'Sheung Tong' broth.

                            Right now, even the better ones have more misses than hits!

                            1. re: Charles Yu

                              We visited Casa Victoria today, and it was SLAMMED! Luckily I called last night and put our name on the list, as well as knowing a few of the managers by face, did not have to wait too long (10 mins) for a table.

                              I am curious if either of you have been there as of late.

                              Though I have not been to HK so I cannot offer that as a baseline, I thought that, for example, the Har Gow, though the wrapper could have been slightly thinner (though one could argue it could always be so, as you approach near transparency), the shrimp were nearly perfectly executed, with large pieces offering a crunchy texture.

                              Some other notable dishes included the fried squid tentacles, even though the kitchen must have been on full steam (see 'in the weeds'), they were some of the best I have had (I prefer them a bit crispy). The snow pea tips and mushroom steamed dumplings were fantastic, as was the meat and chive tips fried concoction. I am a big fan of their chicken/ginger steamed bun as well which were well flavored and on point.

                              The only flaw in the meal was the single order of H&S soup my sister ordered, bland to the max - so much so I sent it back as she was not about to eat it. They were a bit confused at first, but properly removed it from the bill.

                              We had about 18 dishes, for 7 of us, and coming in just above $100 with tax and tip, great value for the money.

                              1. re: Sadistick

                                Good you enjoy it. Casa Victoria is one of the better one in Toronto area for dim sum. I have had some overall ok and good dim sum in there and Casa Imperial before too. They are not as good as before in my experience. I have written quite a few time the problem with har gow in toronto (including Casa Victoria) and what a good Har Gow should be in some of my previous post, if you are interested, do a search, not gonna repeat again and again. And yes, I have been to Casa Victoria recently. They have a lots of room for improvement.