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Feb 1, 2009 05:44 PM

Rehearsal Dinner in Western Nassau County

We're looking for a great place to eat for our rehearsal dinner in August. Ideally nothing overly expensive, and with some unique fare. We'd prefer not Italian or Chinese, but most anything else (or a combination thereof) would be great! I'm just looking for some far I've considered the Maine Maid Inn, which has a nice combination of foods from different genres and seems very well able to handle a dinner for 30ish, and isn't overpriced. We've also considered Cozy Mel's as it has a good location and we love Mexican.

Thanks in advance for the help!!!

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  1. How about Trinity on Jericho Turnpike. We threw a party for a friend in their private room a few years ago, and it wasn't terribly expensive at all.

    (I really wanted to have a bowling party for our rehersal dinner, but the boy nixed that one.)

    1. You might check out Meehan's in Huntington Village. My daughter's was there.

      1. oops re meehan's: I got my my western suffolks and western nassaus mixed up.

        1. I had mine at Cannon Blackthorns in Rockville Centre. It was great. Terrific Irish Pub, but they do have more than standard pub grub on there menu, and their catering menu. They have semi-private room in the back that held 50 people for me. Its actually a very nice place, not your standard pub.

          1. Mim's in Roslyn is always a pretty reliable place. The St James in Mineola might be able to give you a private room - standard American food.