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Feb 1, 2009 05:35 PM

Best entree and dessert at The Modern at Moma

What isthe best entree and dessert at The Modern, the restaurant at the Museum of Modern Art? What are the worst?

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  1. My favorite entrees are the egg in a jar with lobster and crosnes and the Long Island duck with peppercorn-encrusted apples and truffle-pistachio dippingn sauce. I recently had the cavatelli carbonara with pancetta and mushrooms, which was excellent, but I know not everybody likes snails.

    The items under the "one" and "two" menus have been usually stronger than the ones on the "three" menu although the swordfish and duck confit are good (I'm sad they got rid of their steak dish). It's just that the other items (tarte flambee, arctic char tartare, steak tartare, veal and goat cheese terrine, egg in a jar, duck breast, etc.) seem tastiest to me.

    Best dessert: the beignets, hands down. The chocolate-pistachio dome is fine, but the beignets are awesome.

    I've never had anything bad there, just certain things steal the show every time (like that duck breast and the beignets).

    1. Just got back from NY and we ate at The Modern for the first time. My companions adored the steak and lamb. I had the duck breast and I didn't care for it at all. The chocolate dessert was to die for: tiny portions of dark chocolate tart, mousse and ice cream. And the foie gras was also excellent. The amuse bouche was a nettle panna cotta, which I didn't much like, but the intermezzo was a beet, raspberry and balsamic parfait that was absolutely divine.