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Feb 1, 2009 04:16 PM

Good Place for Lunch Near RDU Airport?

I'm looking for a good/decent place for lunch near the RDU airport - other than the Capitol City Chophouse. Is there anything one exit before or after the main airport exit? What is around the airport? And, if you don't have any thoughts, does anyone know of a website that can search for all restaurants within a certain radius of an address? I may just have to choose the least of the evils (let's see...there's a Cracker Barrel, McDonalds, what else?)

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  1. I've used Baby Moon Cafe ( on Airport Blvd (maybe 1/2 mile or so past the outlet mall) for a quick airport lunch or dinner a few times. I've found it decent each time...surely better than the Hooters and the Waffle House. There is (was?) a cuban place around there I always meant to try but never have.

    You can use google maps or google earth to get a map of restaurants around a location (search the location, then click on search nearby).

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      baby moon cafe is a solid choice. if you go 1.5 miles further, you can go to neomonde in morrisville.

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        Neomonde is in a shopping center with Kandas Indian, which is good and has a lunch buffet. There's also a Chinese place there, but I've not been so can't offer much of an opinion.

        I love Babymoon, but every time I go I'm overwhelmed by the noise and the fact that the tables are so close together you're practically sharing other diners' food. Which is a pity, because I really do enjoy their food.

        One exit up from Aviation Parkway at Harrison Avenue is a great little Thai place called Yum Yum Thai. It's in the Sam's shopping center. It's right off of 40, and has pretty easy exit and entry.

        Also at that exit is An, which has upscale Asian cuisine - has anyone been there lately? I'd been hearing some mixed reviews.

    2. The Brier Creek area is very close to the airport and has a lot of restaurant options. Are you looking for something nice/upscale, or just a quick bite?

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        Carmine's Cuban Cafe is right beside the outlet mall near RDU. Its really pretty good.

      2. Brier Creek has a bunch of restaurants, but mostly chain restaurants.

        I'd second Carmine's for Cuban.

        For a casual lunch, there are a couple of local places I use when I have business near the airport. For barbecue, there's Smokey's BBQ Shack at 10800 Chapel Hill Rd, Morrisville, a couple of miles south of the airport. Take Airport Boulevard south past the outlet mall until it ends at NC 54, then right. For seafood, I used to recommend Kemp's on US 70 a two and a half miles west of I 540. However, since they went to counter service, the atmosphere has changed, not for the better.

        1. These are all great suggestions! I haven't heard of any of them. I live in Chapel Hill and have found myself flying out of RDU early afternoons a lot lately. I want to make it close to the airport and not have to worry about traffic - just relax, have a nice lunch, then head on over to the airport.

          1. Here is a great site for restaurants around RTP, very easy to use and put together by a fellow who loves food:


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              If you want to just a couple slices of Pizza then try Pizza Italia on Westgate by 70, 5 min's from the back entrance of the airport and 2 minutes from some of the private parking lots.