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Hippest place to eat in Vancouver?

My brother is celebrating the BIG 3-0 next weekend and I am trying to organize a night out. My brother is a fan of 'cool' (haha). What ever is hip, trendy, unique (but don't confuse that with 'popular'). Good ambiance is a must, and the food must follow suit.

I was thinking tapas style would be the way to go. And of course, amazing cocktails or wines are a requirement!

I was thinking Cobre? I'm not really familiar with the downtown scene, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated!! I want this birthday to be a huge success. Thanks!

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  1. Cobre sounds like it would fit your criteria very well (tapas style and interesting cocktails). It also has several "levels" so that you might be able to arrange a quasi-private area for your group while still getting the benefit of the ambiance -- we did that for a birthday gathering and it was great. Be sure to try their tacos if you go!

    1. What about Lift in Coal Harbour?

      1. I have not yet been....but how about Market (Jean Georges Vongerichten's new restaurant at the Shangri-La)? The place has been getting raves and from the looks of the menu, the food is surprisingly affordable (entrees $12-$28). The bartender is the excellent JT formerly of Boneta...he's famous for his cocktails.

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          Thanks fmed. I went to the Shangri-la site, but didn't see a menu. Have you found one online?

        2. I haven't been in Van since last Feb but was impressed with gastropod:


          1. Charm Modern Thai is a new hip resto lounge spot in Yaletown

            1. cast and crew stayed at Sutton Place..Gerard's for an after drink is beyond cool and hip..so many movie and rock stars and its easy to blend into the dark mahogany panel with fireplaces and wing back leather chairs..
              Great cocktails and tapas.

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                People should try a new Indian restaurant called Atithi in Kitslano. It is situated at the junction of Broadway and Burrard Street (2445 Burrard St, Vancouver, Phone: 604 731 0221). Lunch Buffet is eat as much as you can for ONLY $7.95. Dinner is very cheap and you dont even have to order for rice or Chapati as it is served along with the main course. Worth trying.


              2. Another hip and festive place that caters large groups is Samba Brazilian Steakhouse

                1. 1. The Alibi Room, best beer list in the province; casual; ideal for large parties and bday's. Plus, move downstairs to the lounge after eats for dj's and mingling.
                  2. The Cascade, best cocktail list in the city; also casual and ideal for large parties; new and on main st., therefore super 'cool".
                  3. Gudrun Tasting Room, "Steveston's hidden gem", though not in the city this place is ultra "cool" as it just opened and looks stunning. Great cheese and charcuteries platters for sharing.

                  Hope this helps.

                  1. I've been to Cobre a few times. Food is pretty good, but the highlight was the cocktails.

                    Also, there is a downstairs room which we booked for a birthday, they even let us hookup an ipod so we could blast our music in just that room.