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Feb 1, 2009 02:40 PM

Diet Coke: Gray & Red Cap

Does any one know if the different color caps means anything other than the decor?

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  1. Yellow caps on Coca Cola mean Kosher

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    1. re: Cathy

      OP asked about DIET coke, gray and red. Not yellow, not regular coke.

      As far as I've found, the grey cap is a new color scheme. The red ones will be phased out.

      1. re: irishnyc

        I think it's just a change in color scheme too... anyone remember when the caps were just white?

      2. re: Cathy

        As an aside, Kosher Cokes are made with cane sugar, NOT corn sugar. Huge difference in taste because they taste like they did 30 years ago. You can buy Mexican Cokes that are made from cane sugar at $1.20/12 ounce bottle or wait until Passover and buy a 2 litre of kosher Coke for around $2.00.

        1. re: JohnE O

          Bea with me...dumb question ahead:

          Does this mean that all diet Coke is kosher?

          1. re: JohnE O

            Yep we go by the Mexican grocery for Cokes every couple of weeks. They are more expensive, as a result we drink fewer but enjoy them more. No comparison in the taste.

            1. re: JohnE O

              I don't drink much soda for a variety of reasons, but love Passover for Kosher Coke. Not many people know the secret of it, and it's becoming easier to find in non-(traditionally)Kosher neighborhoods, so I just look for who's got a sale on Coke around that time and hope for yellow caps. I scored 10/$10 last year. Woot!

          2. Seems to be a decor change but Coke is also making changes in their Rewards program and that might also have something to do with it.

            Those numbers inside the caps can be entered into a website and accumulated for prizes.
            There were some with 15-digits that they are phasing out, which will no longer be valid and that coincides with the new cap's debut. Maybe that's only a coincidence.
            They're making other changes about the number of codes you can enter in one day and dropping the big ticket prizes.

            They have some decent freebies in exchange for the points you get. Nothing earth shattering or wonderful, but I did get a good quality small insulated cooler for free. Great for the car in summer.