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Feb 1, 2009 02:17 PM

Milkshakes at Godd Stuff Eatery - Capitol Hill

Washington DC has a brand new foodstuff worth crossing town for. The milkshakes at Good Stuff Eatery are the kind you dream about - maybe better because I had no idea a shake could be this good.

I tried both he toasted marshmallow shake and the Milky Way malt. The toasted marshmallow wins out in the flavor department. The Milky Way shake wins for outrageousness. Like melted marshmallow ice cream with caramel and hot fudge sauces poured on top. Each of these must be triple the amount of calories normally found in a shake.

I tried other food as well. The vegetarian mushroom burger is as good as can be, thoroughly enjoyable. I had two separate orders of the rosemary fries. The first was skimpy, lukewarm, but had a ton of rosemary and were delicious. The second was overflowing, hot and crispy, but less rosemary so not as good. YMMV. The onion petals were ok, but not as good as a bloomn' onion.

Overall, this place is a winner and it will be hard for me to cross town again without thinking about those shakes.

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  1. I agree. The milkshakes at Good Stuff are incredible! Quite possibly the best milkshakes I've had in DC. I like their herbed fries as well. The burgers on the other hand have been pretty inconsistent. The first one I ever had was delicious. But the next one I had was kind of mushy and just thrown together. I haven't been back for a burger but can't wait until the weather gets warmer so I can grab a milkshake during my lunch break.

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          y'know, it's between the Cosi and the Greek place where Hoopla used to be across Penn from the USB and La Lomita Dos. in the same block as the basement wig store.


        2. Just went last night
          - WIA - Malted Shake + Coletti Burger - both great, although I think the burger is still small
          - her - Marshallow made with Chocolate ice cream + portobello burger - great

          The frieds were okay,but the burger and shake were great

          1. Their milkshakes are sooo delicious. Yum. I love the Milky Way and Toasted Marshmallow...haven't tried any others (yet!). It's dangerous that I work so close...
            And the herbed fries are very good...much better than the regular ones.

            1. I concur on the milkshakes. I had the mixed berry (it's been awhile, and it could be called something different) shake several weeks ago. It was a great shake, made with real berries. The thickness was just to the point where you need to suck hard on the straw for it to come out, which is how I think a shake should be. I think it was topped with whipped cream.

              The burger and chili were okay. I have definitely had better elsewhere.

              The place has some notoriety because it's run by Spike from Top Chef. When I was there, he was in the kitchen, identifiable by being the only staff member working with his bare hands.