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Feb 1, 2009 01:54 PM

Orexi, Bernard St

Has anyone eaten at Orexi recently?? My family and I went there last night for the first time and were throughly impressed by the food. The atmosphere is a sensory delight..however, is it always that cold in there? It was so cold in there that it bordered on unpleasant. As a matter of fact the saganaki (flambeed Greek cheese) arrived at the table cold and rubbery. The white wine however was" frosty "! Anyone?

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  1. Glad to know the food was good! What did you guys order?

    I've passed by that place but never eaten there; it's always seemed to me like one of those places focused more on fancy decor than the food. Was it a decent value in your opinion? (ignoring for a moment the fact that you need to bring your own space heater...)

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      We had the "Skaras" chicken...charcoal grilled to perfection, sea bass, fabulous.Starters were the regular eggplant, zucchini chips which were light crspy and absolutely not greasy. Also there was kalamari which is a great indicator of whether a restaurant knows what they're doing. Another excellent dish. But I think the hit of the night was the greek yoghurt with grape chutney. A knock your socks off hit! The wine list is small but very interesting. A value? Well for a high end restaurant, yes. But the cold...

    2. Regular CH poster HungryAnn likes Orexi, but I'm not sure if she eaten at this establishment recently.

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        I went over a year ago and although some things were sublime (eg. the crabcakes) and others were very good, I din not think it was very good value. You can get similar quality for less at other greek establishments such as Philinos, Ellada, Nostos, etc. It does have a lot of "attitude" and the service (at least on that one occasion with a server who was related to somebody in our party) was abysmal. I would return again if the opportunity presented itself but I would order wisely in order not to run up a ridiculous tab.

        1. re: hungryann

          What struck me, when checking the menu about a year ago at Orexi, was their high prices. I was willing to try them, if they were noticeably better than the other Greek establishments I've tried before. What do you usually order at Philinos or Ellada(eaten at Nostos before for their gyro & grilled chicken)?

          1. re: BLM

            At Philinos the hot pikilia (eggplant, zucchini chips as well as fried kalimari and tzadiki) is superb! Main dishes I usually have lamb chops, moussaka (excellent!) chicken brochettes so flavourful, to die for. Once I ordered the vegetarian platter with my daughter...delightful! A variety of vegetarian dishes for 2. The wine list is good with a lot of reasonably priced choices. Desserts are the standard lokoumathes(fried honey dumplings,) and yoghurt with honey.
            Ellada is a party place, but the better party is at Mythos.
            Another good one is Ellounda in St.Laurent. Food is very good although a bit pricey. Any other places we haven't included?

            1. re: BLM

              Philinos: taramosalata with tyganopsomo, octopus, calamari, oyster mushrooms, loukaniko, greek salad, grilled chicken breast, grilled lamb chops and oven baked potatoes
              Ellada: absolute must is the kakavia (fish/seafood soup, similar to bouillabaise), cured herring, fried spearing, dakos salad, grilled lamb chops, lamb fricasse or giouvetsi, atzem pilafi, horta and for dessert the bougatsa (you have toorder it at the start of the meal because it takes 45 min to make)
              Nostos: I am always too tempted by the gyro-pita but the grilled chicken, calamari and lamb chops are also excellent.
              One note about Ellada, I think it has turned into a party place recently and especially Friday and Saturday evenings after 8-9 pm because they need to attract more business. It's a pity if it tanks because it is such a beautiful environment and the food has been always excellent on all my visits. BTW, Mythos is a party place but there are some great options on the menu. The greek salad with feta from the owner's prefecture in Greece is mind-blowing; I could just order that and be perfectly content.

              1. re: hungryann

                Thanks for the dish recommendations at these places. How long has Ellada been opened(just realized the radio commercials I've been hearing a lot lately of a Greak restaurant(with the tag line 'Passport Not Required') is actually the Ellada restaurant?

                1. re: BLM

                  Ellada has been open for about a year or 2. Before it was Il Posto an Italian place with never a car in the parking lot. Now the lot is full all the time! Also in the same area is the little gem Nostos. Their grilled chicken is great as are the lamb chops! Nostos is full every weekend and for good reason!

                  1. re: mammab

                    Any other Greek grill restaurant recommendations in that area? Or anywhere else in Montreal(even Laval). The only one I'm really familar with regarding their Greek food is Panama restaurant

                    1. re: BLM

                      Highly recommended (from me at least) Tripoli; there are 2 locations, one in Parc-Ex and the other in Laval on Samson. My sister also likes Orama on Park near Jean-Talon but I have never been. Lezvos west on Decarie (NDG) is also good but more fish/seafood oriented. Other greek places in Laval with solid grilled meats are Village Grec, Marathon and Atomic; I eat there when I am in the vicinity but I wouldn't go out of my way for them.

                      1. re: BLM

                        I find Panama highly overrated.But it seems there is quite an abundance of good, reasonable Greek restaurants. The beauty of Greek is that the ingredients are always fresh and plentiful. It seems the owners all know one another(through conversations I've had with them) and this is a truly competitive group. Who has regulars, new clients, etc. They certainly know how please the customer.Save for a few exceptions.....

                    2. re: BLM

                      Ellada opened in the fall of 2007.