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Feb 1, 2009 01:30 PM


hey everybody - i'm aware of Salt Lick, Memphis, Lucille's and Famous Dave's. "the big names" i'm lookin for some genuine sliced beef brisket with some tangy sauce. help me out. i want real experiences not suggestions PLEASE. who's the best and why? THANKS!
also there's a bbq joint on the n.w. side of town in a log cabin building. anyone remember the name?

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    1. re: scott.swank

      why thank you scott,
      we're staying at south point the first friday we arrive. planned on doing the primarily prime rib at sp. looks like we have some place to try for lunch now. if the food is half as good as it looks we should be pleased and might have to try it again. i'll keep you posted on our results.
      keep em comin everybody !!

      1. re: scott.swank

        Frankly, I'd go to Arby's before eating at Cajun BBQ Shack again. My God what a miserable meal. Dry, tasteless brisket and ribs so chewy that my wife could eat half of one. Most of the food went into the trash.

        1. re: shamu613

          it's amazing how one person can have such a good experience while another has such a bad. at this point i think i'll ask for a sample and go from there. dazed and confused!!!
          thanks shamu
          anybody else????