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ice cream cake (with cake!)-help needed.

i know that there have been posts before about ice cream cakes. the thing is, i am looking for an ice cream cake that actually has a layer of real cake in it. the only one i know of is coldstone. anywhere else in the boson area (i am in cambridge) that does this?

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  1. I don't know if you have Baskin Robbins in Boston but if so, they add a layer of cake to their Ice cream cakes. Also, many local bakeries do so as well. Try asking your favorite.

    1. If you decide to make it from scratch, this thread discussed the methodology last month:

      Good luck!

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        Charl's on Salem ST in Woburn. Made for restaurants so they come pre-sliced but they are fantastic! Choice of Mud Pie or Oreo, both with a layer of chocolate cake on the bottom. Ten large slices per cake and I believe they are $14. Incredible ice cream truffles too (now available in supermarkets) as well as other ice cream/ chocolate covered goodies. Owned by a local family, everyone I've encountered there is friendly, there are always samples. Only open M-F until 4pm. Best deal in town.

        1. Ben & Jerrys also do icecream cake with cake but not all their stores do. You can check on their website.

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          1. ColdStone also does ice cream cakes w/ a layer of real cake.

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              Gotta say, I always though Coldstone's ice cream was pretty pathetic. Then, my wife brought home a $40 ice cream cake from there, and now I KNOW the ice cream is terrible, the ice cream cake worse, and about as expensive as I could imagine.
              I second the Ben & Jerry's rec.

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                Never had em, just know then sell em

            2. Treadwell's in Peabody has great ice cream cakes with a layer of cake. You can choose vanilla or choc cake and 2 flavors of ice cream. They are a decent price too for the size. Enjoy!

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                White Mountain Creamery in Wellesley makes ice cream cakes. I'm not sure how much cake is in it, but their ice cream is good.

                I love Ben And Jerry's cakes. There is a layer of fudge brownie.

              2. Toscanini's in Cambridge does ice cream cake with cake, too.

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                    Nope. Their ice cream cakes do not have cake in them. Ice cream, ice cream, and layers of fudge and the like, but no cake. (One exception - the tiramisu.)

                  2. Check Cabot's in Newton. There's a good chance they do.

                    1. Ron's Gourmet Ice Cream in Hyde Park or Dedham has great ice cream cakes. Around $23 small and $30 large.
                      Special Order cakes are your choice of yellow or chocolate cake, a layer of strawberry, pineapple, or fudge, and any flavor of ice cream!

                      Ron's Gourmet Homemade Ice Cream
                      1231 Hyde Park Ave, Hyde Park, MA

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                        I second Ron's. We always get a container of his sinful hot fudge sauce to go with it.