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Feb 1, 2009 12:55 PM

Fried Chicken in Middletown

Any recommendations for fried chicken in the Middletown/Holmdel area? My favorite place, Chicken Corner, is no more.

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  1. I haven't been myself, but friends rave about the fried chicken place on front st. in keyport.

    1. Growing up in the area a loooong time ago, we used to go to Chicken Corner on Rt. 35 for their fried chicken dipped in bbq sauce. Memories....

      I haven't found its replacement yet, but I do make it at home w open pit as the sauce.

        1. re: MWinston

          No, No, No. Please not Chicken Holiday. Not unless you intend to eat old, stringy, skinny, fried chicken covered in too salty and too dense "breading" cooked in too old oil. You will have a better meal at your local Acme grocery when it comes to fried chicken.

          1. re: currymouth

            >> You will have a better meal at your local Acme
            >>grocery when it comes to fried chicken.

            Indeed. When I want fried chicken I get it at Pathmark's deli counter. They do a better job than the local fast food places.

            I like Pop-Eye's in Asbury Park. I find that Pop-Eye's quality will vary from place to place. The AP outlet does a good job.

            I like the fried chicken snacks at Bando Chinese restaurant in Middletown. (These are probably not what the OP had in mind.) They are the bony joints deep-fried in a Taiwanese-seasoned batter. Not meaty... they are spicy, sinewy, greasy. Something you gnaw on. The opposite of a McNugget.

            1. re: val ann c

              Val Ann, thanks. I ended up going to Shop Rite (since I was in the shopping center), never thought about Pathmark. Glad to know they're decent, as it's more convenient.

              1. re: cantkick

                IMO, Pathmark fried chicken is better than Shoprite. It is decent -- no more than that. I buy it during lunch or dinner when it is fresh-cooked.

                1. re: val ann c

                  Val, your description of the 'chicken snacks' on Bando's menu intrigued me, and the fact that one of my crew brought Bando leftovers in hooked me! I went today to try the chicken snacks, didn't see them on the menu, however the waiter told me it was Salt & Pepper Chicken (he said 'like KFC'). I've had Salt & Peper chicken before, but it has always been cubes of white meat. As Val wrote they are spicy, chewy, sinewy - mine even had small bones in them. That came as quite a suprise after the first couple didn't! The dish also included my favorite part of the chicken, the oyster. So it was all dark meat, as well as battered and crispy fried pieces of chicken skin, and small leg or thigh ends with some meat still attached - the dish ws GREAT!!! Not to get to far off topic, but they told me they also do Salt & Pepper Squid, whick is a favorite of mine at West Lake.

                  1. re: DrewBB

                    totally off topic from OP's post.. but Bando has been good every time we go there. I also found the service very good in comparison to other Chinese restaurant.

                    Their batter for deep frying stuff is great. We had the fried pork chop over noodle on Saturday and it was tasty.

        2. Whole Foods offers fried chicken. I dont remember it with heavy batter. Might be worth a shot. Acne in Lincroft offers and heavy batter type (5.99 8 pc Monday's). We find it freezes well.