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Feb 1, 2009 11:25 AM

Do NOT go to New Treasure

For the those who come to this board looking up good dim sum places in the downtown location... do not go to New Treasure on Dundas near Japango!!!!

I went for lunch today because it was close (I would just go up to Markham if it wasn't so far) and having read some okay/positive reviews on this restaurant.

OMG..... it was SO bad. My brows were furrowed from the moment the food arrived! Before I even put it in my mouth!

The spring roll was probably leftover from last night or something fried again and again because they were BROWN. The oil they used was probably very old. That was not the worst part though.... the worcestershire sauce that should usually come with the spring roll did not come with it.. Why? Because the spring rolls were already soaked on the bottom with the sauce! What the hell?! I'm Cantonese and I've never ever been to any Chinese restaurant until now where they decide for you that you should dip the spring roll into worcestershire sauce. Furthermore... this springroll was a giant hunk of lardy meat... who knows if it was pork or chicken? A flat, sausage-like meat encased in the springroll wrapper and then deep fried.. that's all it was. .. I've never eaten such a dense and meaty spring roll before.....

The food also came out probably 5 minutes or less after we ordered it. Usually it's good when the food comes out fast.. but in this case it just seemed more like it was all reheated food... and fried stuff were just popped back into the deep fryer... ughhhh

I have to drink tea for the rest of the day because everything was so oily...

In total we ordered the spring rolls, fried calamari, shrimp dumpling (har gow), ham sui gok, glutinous rice with chicken (lor mai gai / zun ju gai), egg tarts, chicken feet. Shared between two people. Fried calamari had no taste and it was not crispy... Chicken feet were unsettingly gigantic.. usually I'm glad for a big one, but this one was SO oily and heavy I found myself wishing it were smaller. It became more of a chore for me to eat it.. than something enjoyable. The egg tarts were okay - but nothing amazing. I'm never going there again... I went not expecting anything spectacular.. but this was seriously soo disappointing. It's gotta be my worst meal since I don't even know when...

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  1. Very surprised, I always thought it was very good. Perhaps they changed hands

    1. Worcestershire sauce? That's a first!

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      1. re: emptee

        Yes, Worcestershire sauce had been used as a dipping sauce for Cantonese spring roll as well as steamed 'aged tangarine skin' infused beef balls for years!. Don't know who started it but the combination seems to work pretty well. Same 'fusion' ideas also apply to deep fried won-ton where mayonnaise are being added to the shrimp filling!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          It was brought in, I imagine, through Brits via Hong Kong. Japanese "sauce" is also a play on Worcestershire sauce.

      2. Sounds about right. I've been there several times in the morning for dim sum and it was awesome and cheap. Went once after lunch and never again. Basically, if you don't go in the morning when the carts are coming around, forget it. It seemed to me (and sound like you've confirmed this) that they re-fry or reheat whatever was cooked that morning. Eeeww.

        1. Very surprised with your comments hippotatomus.....we frequent the New Treasure for dinner and Sunday dim sums....made to order foods and the wonderful hostess (owner) remembers our orders and how we like's been there for years!