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Feb 1, 2009 11:14 AM

Help ASAP! Bonnie's Buffalo Chicken Dip

So I waited till the last minute to go to the store to get the ingredients for Bonnie's Buffalo Chicken Dip. They were all out of the Franks Red Hot Sauce, dang Super Bowl! Sending hubby to a different store to look for it. my question is, if they are out too, I read Crystals can pass in a pinch. But is it even worth it to substitute for Franks sauce, or should i just scrap the whole thing. If anyone has a quick answer I would really appreciate it!

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  1. Elliora, I've never had to substitute but I will tell you that Walgreens here in SW FL sells Frank's...I see that you are in San Fran and I know that they have Walgreens out there too (was just there 2 weeks ago) you might want to call them before sending anyone anywhere to see if they sell it. CVS may also carry it, I don't know for sure on that, though. Crystals *probably* would work but I don't know from experience. (Definitely, do NOT sub Tabasco for the Frank's) Good luck & tell us how it turned out!

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      Thank you!!! Just called Walgreens and they do have it. Hopefully it will be less crowded too then the supermarkets. Nice not to have send Hubby all over town, thanks again!

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        Good luck! For future reference, Crystal and Cholula are pretty close approximations of Franks. And the current Franks is much milder than it was 20 years ago -- Frank's Xtra Hot is closer to the original. Way back in the '70's, if someone ordered wings "very hot," you used just Frank's with no butter mixed in.

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          while Crystal is a pretty close approximation, i personally think Cholula is very different.

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            Cholula has more of a vinegar snap to it. Louisiana Hot Sauce might be closer in flavor to Frank's.

      1. Just wanted to say the dip was amazing. Biggest hit of the party by far! i know there was some mixed reviews on here, but I think it may be from people mixing rather then layering. I could see if it was all mixed up, as it cools separating and getting gross. But having it in layers kept in nice even as it was getting cold. I also halved the recipe and didn't measure the hot sauce just added enough where the chicken was well coated but not pooling liquid. Skipped the celery, didn't look good to me, but like I said it came out perfect. I'm going to be stuck bringing that dip to every party now!

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          I layer mine too. Usually everyone loves it. I use Crystal most times, but Franks is good. I actually have a friend who makes his own and usually have that on hand which I love!!

          Hope you enjoyed the game.