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Feb 1, 2009 11:12 AM

Looking for a fabulous restaurant near pass-a-grille beach fl.

I have tried a few places near st. pete (pass-a-grille beach) I havent been impressed with ONE resaurant...If anyone has a secret yummy place..PLEASE let me know..We ate the worst dinner of our lives at the Black Palm...ugh..We love the beach..hate the food around the beach..Also..The Hurricane was horrific...but had a great view.

thanks in advance

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  1. You have to consider that at the beach you are something of a captive audience. A lot of the beach places seem to depend on tourists who are not willing to venture off the beach to eat. Those same people will come back next year for the same reason.

    I am a resident of St Pete and my experience at the Hurricane mirrors yours. Once upon a time I would have recommended Blue Fugu, but no more.

    I've had a couple of really good meals at the little Thai place in the Publix shopping plaza. I have also eaten one meal which was outstanding, at Snappers.

    Why don't you tell us which places that you have ruled out so that no one suggests them?

    1. Sea Critters's food is a step above the usual beach fare...great tomato/crab bisque. Beyond that, the Mariana Grille at the Don Cesar is good (but pricey). Slightly off the beach near Tierra Verde Tokyo Bay Sushi has super-fresh fish and imaginative rolls. I agree with BeaN--the little Thai place in the Publix shopping center is good, too.

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        Drive to Treasure Island for dinner at The Pearl. It won't disappoint.

        1. re: TIGirl

          TIGirl, have you been to the Pearl lately?
          They're "changing their menu" - no tapas when I was there two weeks ago :(

          As for the OP, I would recommend Crazy Conch Cafe on Tierra Verde, always delicious, and the Sea Porch at the Don, in my opinion very good for their "midprice" restaurant.

          1. re: joan

            Joan - Yes I've been to the Pearl lately. I was never that big a tapas fan, so the menu change didn't affect me. Plus the inquiry was for good food, not specifically tapas. That being said I certainly stand by my recommendation. I hope you will agree that the Pearl is head and shoulders above the Black Palm and the Hurricane.

            1. re: TIGirl

              Aah, see, it was the tapas that I love the most about the Pearl...a nice sampling of four or five tapas and a pitcher of their wonderful sangria...more so than the Continental type entrees. I should say when I learned about the change I switched gears and enjoyed my seafood crepes.

              So I also stand by your rec, didn't mean to imply otherwise.

          2. re: TIGirl

            The last time I ate at The Pearl (over a year ago) it was very good, but the "small plates" weren't just small - they were minuscule. I will, and have, laid down a lot of money for a meal (ala Charlie Trotters), but my last experience at The Pearl was absurd, quality, quantity and price-wise.

            If I'm going to go for tapas I'll go to Ceviche.

            1. re: BeaN

              Wow BeaN! The opposite was my experience: we often enjoyed the tapas. One night we decided to order entrees instead, and the tiny portions had us going back to the tapas menu next time. We felt the "regular" part of the menu was a ripoff. However, on my recent visit, the tapas was gone, the entree portions were perfect and the quality was there. I'll be interested in seeing their new menu...

              1. re: joan

                Well that is interesting. Maybe they are now hitting their stride.

        2. go south...beach bistro in holmes beach...superb

          1. Thankyou so much all!!! Keep the recommendations coming...they are really helpful:)
            We are getting married on the beach in April and are looking for a great restaurant to eat with a small party...I will try out a few of these options..

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            1. re: joeytrier

              Dockside Daves- Madera
              Waltz- Johns Pass
              Conch Republic (if thats still the name)-North Redington
              Ted Peters-Pasadena
              Snappers-St. Pete Beach
              Gulf Blvd Cafe (was Cafe de France) Very Good!- Redington
              Backfin Blue- Gulfport
              Six Tables ($$$ but its a 7 course meal with some great wines and a Great Chef, with the added bounus that you get what he makes, no decision making) -Gulfport
              Let me know what you think. I chef'ed in St. Petersburg for many years before moving to Orlando (GAG!) so Im very interested in what your reviews are.

              1. re: Matthewgt1981

                We love the conch, atmosphere, never disappoints.

            2. Congratulations on your wedding! I'd love to know if you had any great dinners in the St. Pete/Pass-a-Grille area -- my son's getting married in October (we're in Chicago) and I'm searching for a rehearsal-dinner venue. The two casual Don Cesar restaurants got some good reviews but they're ridiculously priced - especially the wines! We have friends in Tampa who recommended the Black Palm. Was it really that bad? Did you try Snappers? Obviously, I'd love to know about your dining experiences.

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                I can't believe no one has mentioned Patrick's yet. Fantastic, from the service to the food. My family still talks about it as some of the best food they've ever had. After eating there several times just as a couple, my then-fiance and I were determined to use them for our wedding reception after our small beach ceremony. Everything was perfect for a group of just under 50. Google Patricks Bayside Grill and check out the menu...
                I second Sea Critters on Pass A Grille, as well as breakfast at Sea Horse. Mad Fish has an interesting menu, and I've had good--though not great--food from Snappers.

                1. re: sarahew1

                  It may be too late for the original poster, but I recently went for the first time to Gulf Bistro on Madeira Beach--about 20 minutes gentle drive up the beach from Pass-a-grille. Search this board for "Gulf Bistro".