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Feb 1, 2009 11:04 AM

Rasoi-Indian Restaurant

We had lunch there Friday and ordered off the menu (their excellent buffets are offered only on weekends). Once again, the food was terrific. Everything is made fresh to order, rather than scooped out of big pots made earlier, so it was a fairly long wait, but everything was so good and the place is so friendly and cheerful, that we didn't mind. My wife's saag paneer was the best she's ever had. My tilapia medallions with a tomato/rum sauce was delicious. The bill for 3 of us was under $30, including tax & tip. This is definitely our favorite Indian in RI. It's right on the Prov/Pawtucket line next door to Garden Grille, which is RI's favorite vegetarian restaurant.

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  1. I whole heartedly agree. you can totally taste the difference in freshness. the spices really pop and the sauces are lighter, not having sat to reduce in a steam table. i also really like some of the different menu items. the service is always great, they are very warm and welcoming, and the cocktail list is slammin too. love this place.

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      I second all that, and add that they were extremely accommodating, patient, and polite with my friend's dietary restrictions.

      I loved the lamb/prune dish.