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chawan mushi?

for ages, when i've gone out for sushi, i've stuck to raw fish -- ok, the occasional grilled yellowtail or (sue me) black cod -- but i've been obsessed of late with chawan mushi. loved the version i had at sushi zen the other day, and liked sushi jun, pre-ownership change, quite a bit. any recommendations in west midtown (where i work) or downtown? heck, wherever :)

thanks in advance!

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  1. It's not in Midtown West, but Soto has chawan mushi on their menu, and I think it's quite good.

    1. Can't tell you where to find better chawan mushi, but totally agree with you regarding the version at Sushi Zen. It's quite delicious. I was on a chawan mushi kick for some time and started making my own which is not difficult at all.

      1. In my humble opinion, the chawan mushi at Kamui Den, Avenue A near 12th St. is delicious and soothing.

        1. I agree that Soto's chawan mushi is indeed quite good. I really like the versions at LAN. One is a regular version and another with foie gras. I like them because they are always served piping hot.

          Kyo Ya also has a good chawan mushi.

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            Kyo ya has good chawan mushi. En also does. I haventbeen to Lan. Kano yama hasgood chawan mushi. All these are downtown not midtown, I believe along time ago i had good chawan mushi at Hatsuhana

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              I didn't think Kanoyama's chawan mushi is anything more than a standard chawin mushi (i.e. good but nothing special). Same applies to Ushi. The chawan mushi at EN is surprisingly not bad.

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                LOL i agree with the "suprisingly" not bad for En,,actually it was suprisingly good. I like standard chawanmushi, but it has to have a gingko bean in it. I havent tasted chawan mushi as good as what i make. There used to be a restaurant named Fukuda made a good one. I went to Lan and tried their chawan mushi , the lobster bisque one was different but not great, the foie gras chawan mushi was iinteresting and not bad.
                Kyoya makes a good standard chawanmushi. Ive had cold chawanmushi in the summer and that is really delightful ,, Also Bouley upstairs makes a good chawanmushi.
                In general , really hot chawan mushi is how it should be, i like eating it along with my food, rather than waiting until i finish it then the next course, But the cold one is something to try

          2. I don't know if they still make it, but Shimizu had great chawan mushi. The last one I had there was laced with uni and snow crab (if I recall correctly).

            1. Ushi (rhymes with chawan mushi) Wakamaru is my go to chawan mushi place.

              1. haven't had first-hand experience, but I keep hearing that Shang's version is quite nice.

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                  While I was felt let down by my Shang experience, the chawan mushi they have is indeed very nice but definitely a "gourmet" one due to the ingredients. And pricey, but tasty.

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                    At Sushi Zen, they've got a chawan mushi with foie gras. So the one at Shang may be close to what the OP is looking for.

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                      Perhaps even the one at Ssam bar (with snails), if OP really wants something different.

                      To me, serving chawan mushi REALLY hot is VERY important

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                        I don't think there is any chawan mushi on the Ssam Bar menu right now. :(