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Feb 1, 2009 10:44 AM

R.I.P. Collegeville Acme and Wegmans

While braving the morose atmosphere of the soon-to-be-closed Collegeville Acme, the seafood manager told me today that the Wegmans under construction on Rt. 29 had posted a "stop work" order as they are not proceeding with plans to open. Apparently, Wegmans management has no interest in opening a store that will turn less than $1M a week and, due to economic conditions, decided to conserve resources and back away from this project. Furthermore, Albertson's decision to close the Collegeville Acme was largely due to the impending opening of the Wegmans. As of 2/25, we'll have no Acme with no Wegmans on the horizon. I feel sorry for the 170 P.O.ed, teary-eyed Collegeville Acme employees who, if they want to stay employed, are being dispersed to stores up to 50 miles away from home. Anyone heard anything else here? What a mess!

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  1. Ouch! How distressing. As I read this I was feeling the cold fingers of anxiety creeping down my back. I'd like to say something upbeat but all I can think of is that more of this kind of news is likely forthcoming for this entire area. Bah!

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      I would expect that this is caused by the merger of Pfizer and Wyeth, which people expect there to be significant loss of jobs on the Wyeth side. The grocery business looks like it is going to shake out. Here in Doylestown, Superfresh is closing its stores, as it reshapes may of its stores in Bucks county, switching some of them to Pathmark, which is positioned as a lower priced market. I think Acme and Superfresh will have increasingly hard times as union shops competing against higher end Wegmans on hand, and lower priced non union chains like Giant.

    2. Just curious . . .where did you read this? There is nothing on their website about this.

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        According to this article, Acme is closing it's stores in Ambler, West Chester, and Collegeville.

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          I doubt that the Acme in WC will be missed. There's a Shop Rite about a mile away, and a Giant and another Acme just a couple of miles down 202. What I do wonder about is how that Acme's closing will affect business in the other stores in that strip mall -- especially the Chester County Book Company, which is the single best book store for miles and miles and miles around -- better than any Borders or Barnes & Noble could EVER be.

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            Cindy it isn't the west goshen acme, it is the one on 322 in east bradford next to the giant. Nobody knew about it and went there so I wouldn't worry about it or the bookstore. Everything in that shopping center near acme is already mostly gone.

            1. re: leepinleemur

              Oooooooh! Well then, count me among those who didn't know that store existed. I know where the Giant is; I don't recall ever seeing an Acme in that vicinity. Then again, I don't get out to that area very often.

      2. NOOO Not the Wegmans! I have been really looking forward to that one opening. I wonder what will happen with the one that was supposed to open in Malvern. The Collegeville one would have been an anchor in that new shopping center. Ugh! Thanks for the update, however sad.

        I wonder if it is too late for the Acme to change their mind?

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          I was hoping so but nay. To stay, they have to sign a ten year lease but the building is a shambles (several aisles were barricaded when I was there due to profuse leaks from melting ice) and Albertson's won't commit for that long. No other food store is interested so look for the opening of the world's biggest dollar store or having a papered window vacancy for ten years.

          I also wonder about the possible domino effect of Wegmans pulling up anchor at the new center. Could be bad news all around.

        2. I called Wegman's corporate and they said this was not true and that they plan to open in October 2009.

          1. Wegmans has current job openings on the web for the Collegeville store. They signed the lease b4 construction began, as did Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting (which I'm sure they wish they didn't). Both projects have hit a critical mass that ensure they will both open. The penalties for breaking the lease + all of the other expenses associated with planning and construction are prohibitive.

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              They are not exactly rushing to finish that WF in Plymouth Meeting.