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Feb 1, 2009 10:43 AM

Flamestone American Grill

I'm visiting from New York for the superbowl and heard about Flamestone Grill in Oldsmar, Fl from some friends. It was fabulous. The atmosphere was great. The decor was very trendy and the staff was very welcoming. Wine selection and cocktails were perfect. I really liked their tableside guacamole. Not only was it neat to have them make it in front of you but the flavors were amazing and bold. I had the salmon for dinner and it was great. Really cooked to perfection. Also desserts were to die for. I highly recommend eating here if your in the area.

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  1. We were there for the first time a couple weeks ago and then went again on Friday. I like it a lot. The tableside Guacamole is fabulous though too much for a party of 2.

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      We have been several times and often get the guacamole for our dinner. If that's all we have for dinner it makes it easier to justify the yummy donut cream cake for dessert. :-) We also love the goat cheese/mushroom flatbread and the shrimp bruschetta flatbread.

      We went on New Year's Eve with low expectations (we usually never go out on NYE because of poor experiences in the past). We were very pleasantly surprised at their special menu and really enjoyed filets and lobster tails. Never expected that kind of food there, but they were cooked perfectly.

      1. re: LJBTampa

        We went again and I had the scallops and shrimp and they were very good. I really like Flamestone.

    2. Been there several times and this place is now our favorite "nice nite out" place. I like that you can get half orders of some things. Very varied menu; nice atmosphere; usually good service, but pretty busy sometimes.

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        We have always had good service there and they always seem to have a nice wine on special.

        1. re: rhnault

          I also like that they have a wine cooler. Their red wines are at the correct temperature.

          1. re: LJBTampa

            Oh how I hate getting a glass of HOT red wine.

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              We had to finally stop going to Alberto's in Oldsmar because the red wine was literally HOT. Not room temp, not lukewarm, HOT. Yuck.

              1. re: LJBTampa

                I can't believe you said that LJB because that us the EXACT restaurant I was thinking about. But I still eat there. I just don't drink there lol

          2. re: rhnault

            After multiple experiences at Flamestone, it has moved into my "tops" list for Tampa. I have never had a bad meal there and have frequently had outstanding ones. I am crossing my fingers that they survive the recession. They seem pretty busy, so that's good. Don't miss the tableside guacamole or the steaks.

            Regarding hot/warm red wine (which DOES NOT happen at Flamestone), I am reminded of a television show or movie I saw in which a character orders his red wine "slightly chilled." The waiter looks at him askance and the character says,"Don't look at me that way! Do you have any idea what room temperature is in a Bordeaux wine cellar?"