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Mar 24, 2004 05:16 PM

Taco Mesa

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I went to the Taco Mesa in Costa Mesa the other week and had the special which was a blackened yellowtail on a bed of mashed chayote (I think that's what it was orange, kind of a cross between squash and a yam) with grilled carrots & asparagus and a butter sauce with a tropical fruit salsa on top. It was PHENOMENAL...beautifully presented, and $8!!! I also tried the roasted tomato soup which was sooo tasty. Like a pureed tortilla soup. This has to be one of my favorite places to eat...when they brought the plate of yellowtail out to me, looked like it had been prepared by a 4 star restaurant (except that it came on a paper plate). The sauce was exquisite, the fish was so fresh and perfectly cooked, and even my boyfriend who hates seafood tried it and liked it.

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  1. I had a craving for chips and guacamole on Sunday, so I ordered nacho for the first time with al pastor. They were good except for the excessively huge mound of sour cream on top. Usually I get al pastor tacos or a wet blackened chicken burrito.

    The roasted tomato soup is great. I like to add some onion and cilantro to it. They usually serve it on Fridays.

    1. I used to eat here way too much when I lived in Costa Mesa. Love the blackened chicken tacos, the carne asada nachos (one plate is large enough to feed a family), and the salsa and pickled vegetable bar. Good aqua frescas too.