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Feb 1, 2009 10:22 AM

Tres leches cake?

Any amazing bakeries or restaurants in Manhattan where you can get astoundingly good tres leches cake?

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  1. I can relate to craving a good tres leches cake. once tasting a great one, your foodie-world has changed forever. I haven't found that -great- one yet in nyc.

    A friend of mine mentioned having some at Mexicana mama, a few years ago. Perhaps it's worth checking out, though I can't vouch since I haven't tried it.

    1. Momofuku Milk Bar has something similar: dulce de leche cake. Delicious, but sugary enough to keep your dentist in business.

      1. I like the tres leches cake donuts at The Doughnut Plant.

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          Agreed. This may even be better than the cake...

        2. Cafecito has the best tres leches cake that I've had in the city. I used to order a sheet of it for my office, and people went crazy over it.

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              Ive had great dulce de leche cake at Red Ribbon Bakery. Sometimes Grill 21 has it for dessert. Its Filipino but same dulce de leche ( milk candy) as the Spanish

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                Big Booty Bakery on 23rd and 8th has a fantastic tres leches cake. And also delicious red velvet cupcakes for those interested as well.


            2. re: LeahBaila

              Yeah even after my recent bad review, I do think their tres leches is the best I've had. Make sure you go on an off hour though.

              Son Cubanos used to have a good one too but it's been a while.

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