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Feb 1, 2009 09:37 AM

International Christmas Cookie Conundrum

Ok so I'm invited next year to my cousin's christmas cookie cooking party. I'm instructed this year to find the best ginger cookie recipie I can find. I'm looking for a soft dense cookie. I love molasses cookies and I thought that would be a great feel for it. I've never baked so thats why I come to chowhound for help.

On another note. My cousin is married to a Pakistani man, and this is truely an international event. I was wundering if anyone had like a pakistani cookie recipe.

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  1. Is that the cousin who passed off the french truffles from TJ's as her own? Why not try the ginger cookies from TJ's that we saw on friday? He he turnabout is fair play. You could always dress them up somehow, maybe dip them in chocolate. I admire the way you plan ahead givemetomatoes, you have almost eleven months to nail this!

    1. I love gingerbread, and this is the best I ever had. You have to like chocolate too though.

      1. Christmas? It's still February, right? You are scaring me.
        Anyway, ginger - maybe a German Pfefferneuse variation?

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          Pfeffernusse are not really ginger cookies. Lebkuken might be a better choice, they have lots of spice and molasses.

        2. Try these. Super-Sized Ginger Chewies.

          If you've not baked much and want to try some cookies, you might like the book. It's "Big Fat Cookies." I think it's been a hit on Chowhound.

          If you start now, you can try a lot of ginger cookies by the time "cousin's Christmas cookie cooking party" rolls around. I'll bet givemecarbs will be around to help your experiments.

          1. This recipe is wonderful and has the texture you want (I skip the shortening and use all butter):

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              These were the ginger cookies I used to make before the chocolate ones, they are both the best! (that I've ever had)

              1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                These were the ones I was going to recommend, too; they are insanely good.