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Feb 1, 2009 09:30 AM

Jamon Iberico- Dirt Cheap!

I think I'll grab two at this price!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. $100 per pound... hmmmm. Better be good!!

      1. I am not sure on its quality but that doesn't sound dirt cheap to me.

        1. They show it at $900 for a set of 2, 13 lb hams, which is $34.60/lb

          La Tienda says they don't ship it here, but shows a price of 62.53 € per kg, which is $36.27/lb

          About the same. That means that D&D's normal $1500 price ($57/lb) is a ripoff. But's it's still better than La Tienda's sliced stuff which they do offer here, at $24/4oz which is $96/lb, although that's without bone. Both La Tienda and D&D ship the whole ham for free.

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          1. re: applehome

            All l gave you was the WHOLESALE price for an entire Bellota de Iberico in THIS country. Yes, l get it for much less in Europe, but that is not the issue. Due to taxes or whatever, the wholesale price on the boneless ham is @60/Lb and slightly less on the bone-in. That is without trimming and other waste. Stores that are slicing it either on slicer or by hand are not
            making their normal markup on product, not a loss leader, but not normal markup

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              I wasn't commenting on your price, but the assertion somebody else made that the ham was $100/lb. Some Jamon Iberico is, and some are even more, but not the sale price at D&D. I see other sources out there for whole Jamon Iberico and Serrano hams and the prices range all over the place, but rarely do they get as low as the sale price at D&D - so it's a good price, no doubt about it. But their day to day is not so good - I see several other sites that beat $800/leg (and advertise them as 14-18 lbs, which is less than $57/lb). And comparing boneless to bone-in (which I did) is apples and oranges - not just to the cost, but the actual experience of eating the ham, untrimmed, and sliced off the bone is worth the price of the bone!

              I would imagine that the prices reflect the quality, at least to some extent, and that your $60/lb wholesale is not necessarily the same quality product as the $57/lb retail stuff we seem to be talking about. On this site, you find Jamon Iberico by Fermin as $795 or $52/lb, and Jamon Iberico Bellota as $1,395 or $162/lb - obviously not the same thing:


              Tony Bourdain's visit to a Jamon specialty shop in his Decoding Ferran Adria video was wonderful - where they see the hams with all the different prices, and get to taste the different grades. I think that the other Travel Network weasel did the same thing. If the source has that much variation, then certainly the product reaching this country will have a significant range. The best was the one that ate the acorns - hey I've got this huge oak tree in my back yard - maybe I should be raising pigs (neighbors would love that, I'm sure...)

          2. The original comment has been removed