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Teen Party Menu Help Please

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Hello everyone!
My daughter will be 15, and we have decided to let her have a big house party (co-ed). We are expecting around 60 people, all around 14-16 years old. We have figured out games and music, but we are somewhat stuck on food. We will be feeding a wide variety of people, including a few vegetarians. We almost have it figured out, but we need some feedback. Thanks!
Here’s what we figure we will have, but any suggestions would be nice:
For the snacks, we will provide a wide variety of chips, like Doritos, Fritos, Lays, Cheetos, etc. We’ll have some cheese, fruit and veggie platters. There will be lots of soda and juice and water available. We will have a chocolate bar, and plenty of cookies and cupcakes and brownies. There’s going to be loads of junk food, obviously. We’ve decided to make smoothies and homemade frapucchinos, and we are serving lots of nice stuff like you would get at Panera or Starbucks. Then we have pizza, and lots of it. There will be mini hotdogs and hamburgers. We will set up a taco bar with taco stuff, nachos, guacamole, salsa, etc. For desserts we were thinking of just having a sundae bar. We will also set out plenty of candy for kids to snack on through the evening.
It’s mostly junk, yes, but I think that’s all part of the fun!
Thanks again for your feedback!

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  1. I'm not a teen but it sounds just about perfect... casual, fun, and easy to eat.

    1. My first thought when I read taht you would have vegetarians is quesadillas, and that shouldn't be too hard since you're already having a taco bar.

      1. I'd say that would be plenty. If you wanted to add anything, then maybe some wings. But maybe I'm just miffed because all the wings at the Super Bowl party were gone before I could get them.

        1. How about a mashed potato bar? I was at a wedding recently that had one and it was really fun. You can have all kinds of toppings the kids can add to plain mashed potatoes: cheese, bacon, fried onions, sour cream, etc.

          1. I have a 17 yr old DD. That said, some food is regional. For her get-togethers, a lot of the kids are vegetarian. We belong to CostCo and I always pick up some pre-made sushi platters the afternoon of the party. It is the first to go. We always have an eclectic variety (as your menus is), as the boys are usually carnivores and eat WAY more than we imagine.

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              Big sub sandwiches sliced across into "bite size" pieces - actually each slice is probably 3 or 4 bites. Every locale seems to have their fave sub shop - all of which are way better than Subway. We have Lenny's and Jimmy John's. The Italian subs at Lenny's are yummy and our kids love them.

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                Sushi is a great idea. The taco bar idea sounds great too- and veggie friendly.

                Another option is salad martinis. Fill a martini glass with mixed green salad, bean salad, lentil salad, chopped salad, tomato salad...
                It's pretty and a better option than setting out giant bowls of salads (less messy too). I've even seen disposable wine glasses and martini glasses.

              2. For vegetarians, (heck all the kids would love these) I would try French fries serve in cute paper cups or paper cones, and have lots of sauces and toppings. garlic fries, chili, chili cheese.

                Chicken tenders with ranch dressing
                I actually did a similar thing, I hired Rubios to set up a taco bar, served chicken/vbeef and fish tacos. They were so great, and reasonable.

                1. Hey Cranberry12.
                  I hope the party is lot's of fun for you and your daughter. I know how you feel...my daughter had a "Sweet Sixteen" party with over 80 guests (friends, cousins, ect.). It was lot's of fun, except the cleaning up part, but you can worry about that at the end.
                  Anyways, if I'm not too late, here is the food list we had (I saved it for my 11 year old daughter) :
                  APPETIZERS: salads, springs rolls, sushi, bread, chicken fingers, nachos, wings, chips, ect.
                  DRINKS: pop, juice, water, ect.
                  MAIN COURSE: pizza, tacos, quasadillas, spaghettti (or another kind of noodles), ect.
                  DESERT (although most people don't need help with this) : sundaes (or ice cream), cake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cinnamin buns, ect.
                  I am so sorry if I am late, but if not, I hope this helps you Meghan (or anyone else who needs ideas). If you already had the party, I hope it was fun! And if you didn't, I hope it will be fun! Please reply if this helped, I would like to know if I shoud change the menu for the next "Sweet Sixteen" party I host.