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Feb 1, 2009 09:02 AM

Middle Eastern Dining in Portland M e

Looking for a good Middle Eastern spot in or near Portland area for a nice dinner. Would like suggestions on this. By Middle Eastern we mean cuisine anywhere from Turkey Syria or Lebanon on the western edge of the area east to Iran including Persian or Afghani menus. Also include Greece in this grouping even though it is somewhat west of the area.

We are very familiar with Portland dining from regular visits there but no one we have spoken with knows of any good places in this category. We will be in Portland weekend of 6 Feb and would appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks and good dining to all Chowhounds.

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    1. There is a Greek place in Portland that gets good reviews- Emilitsa. Search the board for comments.

      1. I second Emilitsa. First class Greek food. Slim pickings otherwise.